Emails will be on hold. While the house we’ve rented does offer wireless internet, I’ll be leaving my computer at home. Please don’t think I’m a jerk for not responding!
This means, if you’d like to set up an ad space for the month (or more), it’s a good idea to set it up or reserve it now now, since I won’t be around to approve it after tomorrow morning.
If you have any last minute Tulum (or surrounding area) recommendations, please send them our way! I’ve already received so many great tips, I cannot wait! Send me more, if you’ve got em!
I’ve added the discount code list back to the sidebar! Check it out! Get yourself some of the cutest summer crop tops and dresses (use discount code ohdeardrea for 15% off) Also? Have a new baby in your life? You’re probably going to need some really awesome handmade baby things (10% off using discount code ohdear). And need to buy a cloth napkin starter or filler set? There’s a huge sale going on! 50$ for your very own starter set!
I’m going to have a bunch of posts set up for the week from some of my (and probably yours too) favorite bloggers, ig-er’s, internet and real life lady friends. I’m not the mushiest of people, but I do enjoy good love stories, so I hope you do too. I’ve asked each lady to share an image that tells their love story, with a one word minimum (and a million word maximum. why not, right?) Some posts are short and some are long, but I think and hope it’s something you will enjoy very much 🙂 (Thank you ladies!)
Also, a huge thank you for those who sent tips and ideas for traveling away from a little kiddo for so long! I have such a fun little set up for Marlowe and my mom, I can’t wait for them to see it! I’m glad I can come here and receive so many thoughtful and positive responses, advice, support, friendships and so on! I like this place and I’m glad you do too 🙂 
Adios amigos! 


  1. Havana Nights at Mezzanine on Thursday night is lots of fun, they also have amazing Thai food. Sunday salsa night at La Zebra is fun too. Easy drive if you have a car, or a quick taxi ride from downtown. The taxi prices are set from downtown (ex 90 pesos to La Zebra). 2 for 1 drinks are easy to find and they often have their HH signs posted. Don't forget sunscreen, as it is crazy expensive ($270 pesos for a bottle!) and the options are limited.

  2. Your guest posts sound like they'll be fun!

    Have a wonderful (and safe) trip!!