these two.

vegan waffles topped with coconut whipped cream…. yes. so good. and of course berries and tropical fruit.
mango fields of gold and green.
rules: don’t take home. &if it’s on the ground, you can eat it.
avocado fields.
Our first fathers day with Alex as a family. Maybe not the most “normal” way to have things, but it didn’t feel weird or strange to us that this was finally our first time celebrating father’s day together. It flowed just the right amount into M growing and finally being old enough to yell, “happy daddy’s day!”
We kept things close to home: food, farms, and yard work. M woke me up bright and early by a tap on the cheek asking “where’s the card, mama?” I quickly jumped out of bed, shh’ed her a bit and said “come on, let’s be quiet out here.” We let Alex sleep in while we made a third card (the second being on the envelop of the first) and made breakfast. For father’s day we wanted to get Alex a few things: waffles, cookies, and pizza—obviously we know the best things to get people. The waffle maker made the most sense as a gift. I made waffles, cut up fruit, and made my first batch of coconut milk whipped cream. I made coffee and we marched into the room to wake the man up to a sugar feast. We then got dressed for the day and headed south to a place very familiar to us, Homestead. The land of farms, more farms, mangoes, more mangoes, fruitshakes, and large fields of grass. It was nice going back to a place where Alex and I used to spend our time, but this weekend, many years later, with our little one in tow. It felt right for fathers day, the three of us covered in mango juice at fruit and spice park, tromping around in sticky hot fields. Afterwards, because we just couldn’t get enough of Mexico, we headed even further south to the mostly (completely? I think completely) Mexican based flea market for a taco lunch. Covered in dirt and grime, we headed to Miami for popsicles and coffee, before making the trek home to much needed baths and showers.
The next day, we spent about a total of 7 hours outside in the 90 (plus) degree heat working on the yard. We breaked for…. you guessed it, a taco lunch, and headed back outside to clear our space.  Every time I work on the yard I think, how much more time can I spend on this place and have it looking exactly the same? For someone outside, nothing looks different or changes. For me, those hours mean piles and piles of roots, trees, and branches, that have been removed for the dream yard we are planning for our family.
It was an easy weekend here. A quiet one. A sweaty, sticky, dirty, and incredibly enjoyable one. Our time with Alex is always a good one. Our time being able to love him, celebrate him, and his presence in our family and his importance to Marlowe? Even better. We love him. He is a really incredible and loving dad and I think I can easily speak for Marlowe (and myself) when I say, we’re really grateful to have him here.


I’ve already wished them myself, of course, but happy father’s day to my dad, my step dad, my big-little brother Mark…. and of course, Alex.
M’s outfit day one – bonnet c/o urbanbabybonnets. dress: gift from ecuador.
M’s outfit day two – boots: hunter. dress: american apparel.


  1. you mentioned you went to a Mexican Flea market? where is it? I love flea market and I've explored every flea market in the palm beach area that I'm looking for something new, thank you.

    • it's a bit of a hike from palm beach county… maybe two hours or so.. all the way in homestead. It's called margin flea or something. Right off US1 before coconut palm 🙂

  2. We had a tiny mango tree at our previous house. I saw my dog eating little dog-sized mangoes a few times, but then a bigger plant fell over right onto the mango tree and that was the end of that. It's good to see old Jerry again 🙂

  3. I have been meaning to make coconut milk whipped cream for months but I'd forgotten about it! Now I will remember! As usual you are a great influence…

  4. Wow, mango groves, they look wonderful. I know what you mean about spending hours outside to find it all looks the same, I do it all the time. And if I stop for even a moment then the weeds completely take over. But I keep at it, and one day maybe I'll win.

  5. I live in Miami, but have only really ventured to the Redlands for Schneblys, Knauss berry and Robert is here. Where do you recommend for mangoes?? Or any other great spot down there. I always love finding the less popular places!

    • if you drive down (or up) kromes (177th) theres stops all along the way for produce! and right now is of course mange season so everywhere is flooded with mangoes. We like to venture into fruit and spice… you're allowed to eat any fruit that falls to the ground, but you can't take it with you, so bring a knife and eat it there!

    • Thanks! I don't often venture to Krome (usually stick to the major roads) so I guess I'll have to take a venture that way.

  6. You eat such beautiful, beautiful food. I'd love to start cooking vegan (as a personal challenge, and because of all the health benefits) but could never get my boyfriend to go for it! Gorgeous photos 🙂

    • Alex isn't even remotely vegan! we eat vegan at home, but depending on the meal he'll add real cheese or real milk to his portion. And he eats anything and everything outside of the house.

  7. I definitely lived in the wrong part of Florida (Boca). You make it look so much prettier and more natural than Gucci stores and high priced restaurants.

    • dude, I live in West Palm… I get it. Homestead is worth the almost two hour drive though, if you love tropical fruit. If you head back this way, check it out!

  8. It's funny you say that about the yard because when I was scrolling through these pictures, before reading, I thought "wow, she's done an amazing job on the yard so far." Yard work never ends and the piles of brambles and roots and junk are the reward. But really, it looks good. 🙂

    • really?! gah, music to my ears. I look at it and I'm like HOW DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS AFTER SO MUCH TIME?!?! Thank you!