condition/hazard: hot sand.
I married a baker. I woke up, Marlowe asked for a book, we saw a cinnamon bun, I say “I bet daddy wants a cinnamon bun”, he asks “do you? I’ll go make some” next thing we know, hot cinnamon buns are coming out of the oven. Not so bad babe, not so bad.
lizard hunting.
we’ve got a jesus christ lizard living in our yard. coolest, greenest guy ever.
beach daze.
finding we both each keep adding meaningful little things to our shelves.
my shining child at golden hour.
dainty shoe souvenirs from mexico.
someone left a floured bread proofing basket by the door. someone else found it. I caught that second someone else dipping and licking flour of their finger tips. caught white handed.
my two most favorite half humans.
she picked out this outfit. it’s perfect. cheezin’
tunic dress c/o emerald august
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 toast-filled brunchdays.
reaching in pockets and finding (now dried) little flower gifts from the (usually) sweetest two year old.
reunited fambam.
we couldn’t be happier together these days.
(I look very pregnant, I’m not at all. thank you high-waisted shorts, flowy tops, and awful posture for making this awkward illusion possible).


  1. I want to marry a baker! But, erm, I'm engaged… so I guess he'll just have to change his profession. And I'll probably get fat.

    I've only recently found your blog and I love it! Your family is so lovely.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Oh that beach is HOT. Too hot for me I fear. Love the dried flowers. I am always finding them too, along with feathers and stones and other bits of treasure. Lovely to see a photo of you all together.

  3. I feel the joy radiating off the screen! Very happy for your little fambam. There is nothing quite like a happy family unit. Congrats!

  4. Love those shoes you got! So cute!
    And love that picture of your husband and daughter in the sand! 🙂
    And totally think it's cool that you just mention cinnamon buns, an then they're made for you! I wish I had that! They look yummy too 🙂

  5. this post is just so heart-warming. love the photos, the notes, and am jealous of your insanely easy access to cinnamon buns!

    sometimes i avoid posting photos of myself on my blog because of the preggo illusion due to flowy tops.

    you guys look great together.

  6. I totally thought you were, and before I finished the paragraph, I said to myself: "She's pregnant!" Then, I finished the paragraph. 😐 Oh well…in due time…

    So happy for you guys!

  7. Especially love this edition of "Recently Enjoyed Things". Marlowe keeps getting cuter and you've got a total I'm-so-happy vibe shining through the screen, which makes me happy for you 🙂

  8. Just found your blog a few weeks ago! Beautiful photos! I love the photo of your little girl on the bench…beautiful. And cinnamon buns….sound. so. good.

  9. The internet: this strange place where women constantly have to tell people "I'm not pregnant." Because someone will ask.

    And now I really want some toast…

    • the internet: the place where no matter how clear you try to be, someone will assume something else. (but for real, if I didn't know me, and I saw this picture, I would think "pregnant chick" so, I felt I should be extra clear.

      toast life, for life.

  10. Aww that lost photo is so precious. The look on your face is so sweet!