she always wants to put her shoes “next to daddy’s”
also, a bag…. or TWO with always ready  beach items is pretty standard this summer.
that belly, I love.
bikini top: stella cove bottoms: hanna anderson
almost daily the past two weeks or so: beans, veggie, “cheese” tacos or quesadillas. usually without rice. too easy.
slow roasting babylooms. 12 hours of it. now they’re like candy.
no chair. no umbrella, no cooler, just the basic essentials.
perfect beach towel via kassatex.
oh, and her too. obviously.
much appreciated day trips away from home….. for khaki colored things.
more little friends, I swear they find me. he was waiting on the stove burner. yikes.
this isn’t so bad.
post dentist comfort food.
raise your hand if you’re not sleeping.


  1. Mmmm I'm with Sophie, this makes me crave a vacation soooo badly.
    This is one of those posts that makes me feel terrible about how dull my week was, and how little of the good things I actually photographed.
    Maybe it'll motivate me to do better next week.

    P.s. that lizzard thing is cuttteee!

  2. I love seeing all the lizards whenever I go to Florida! They're so cute! My uncle used to make little leashes for them in Puerto Rico and he would catch them for us. (Don't worry, we always let them go! It was just for a quick hello)

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. you really have a gift for photos, drea! or maybe just for living a beautiful life. probably a combo.

  4. HAHA, to the one lady who thought the lizard is an alligator! ^_^ I grew up in Florida all of my life, loved catching lizards as a kid, sometimes I miss them… Western Washington has a lot of nothing when it comes to prehistoric-era animals. Wonderful snaps Drea, love reading about your life and seeing my home state captured so nicely.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Love the picture of the shoes next to daddy's. I did that when i was a kid and would fight with my siblings to do that.

  6. Goodness, is that an alligator?! Maybe not, but it's a little bit scary. The kind of thing that boys would love I think. Beautiful photos as always Drea. The beach looks wonderful. Hope you all have a lovely week.