a new watering can and a dress from mexico to make for the cutest flower watering girl ever.
gifts from kathleen… a dollar for alex.
 first thing she does every morning is dress herself or come and wake us up to get her a “pretty dress”
she built a tower and wanted to take a picture of it. I’m not sure what is more amazing, the tower taller than her or wanting to take a picture of it. 
spring rolls to be made… okay, actually fresh rolls.
sometimes you got to put on a suit and play in the rain.
lives in an apron.
let’s drink hot lattes and pretend it’s fall, okay south florida?
(this machine was the first purchase alex made for our house when he moved in. It was pricey, but holy cow it’s saved us money and an espresso every morning is the best way to start the day)
the first time alex has ever-ever left work early enough to have dinner (and bedtime) with us.
tacos, of course.
 I find them everywhere. They’re apparently good friends.
I love how often I quietly find her reading.
pho sho.
(if you’re local, THIS PLACE is new and amazingggg)


  1. that dress from mexico and watermelon swimsuit may be the cutest things i have ever seen!

  2. Love to find small animals placed in the funniest little scenarios. What on earth will I do when the kids grow to old for funny things like this <3 Love your images and your stories.

  3. Beautiful pictures of everyday things that make life so wonderful:)

  4. Beautiful captures! I have those pretty flowered vintage plates. Have a wonderful day, Mama!

  5. Has anyone ever told you that Alex resembles Zachary Quinto? I was watching the Emmy's last night and thought, wow they look very similar!! (in a good way of course!)

  6. Has anyone ever told you that Alex resembles Zachary Quinto? I was watching the Emmy's last night and I was like wow! They look very similar (in a very good way!)

  7. Haha, this generation. My little ones want to take pictures of what they did too. And call grandma. To keep her posted, you know. God forbid we wouldn't be socially connected these days 😉

  8. Wonderful pictures. How lovely to play outside in the rain. It makes me want to join in. Unfortunately the rain around here is a bit colder…

  9. I LOVE pho! I used to live near Chinatown/Vietnamese areas of Chicago and loved being able to walk somewhere to get delicious pho and/or bubble tea!

  10. Love all of her "pretty dresses" – maybe you can just let us know when you buy her a dress so we can buy the exact same ones for Violet? 😉 Also – is she just one who naturally plays/reads on her own or do you have any tips on that? Violet has actually backtracked since I had Lucy – there's definitely a little jealousy going on there. For the life of me I can't get that girl play/read on her own for a bit or even be in a different room lol. I love playing with her, but sometimes I can't like when I'm nursing Lucy or getting her down for a nap, and I'd love for her to be able to play independently for a bit.

  11. mmmm pho, looks so good! I just returned to nyc after a weekend trip to miami to see my boyfriend, miss it already. I know people always say the grass is greener on the other side, but I'm jealous of the consistency of florida weather. also marlowe is so cute! she sounds like such a good, sensible child too.

  12. That espresso machine is gorgeous! Unf. And your daughter? The loveliest thing. I also love all of the colours and textures in your home! It seems so bright and cozy!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  13. We just came back from Florida today and I have to say, I want to go back!!!

  14. I love her dress from Mexico! And of course, all your photos are gorgeous.