Little Ms. Marlowe is three years old today! THREE! She’s not a baby, hardly a toddler, she’s like a real, no joke, kick-ass little girl. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. And I wouldn’t change a thing— except maybe adding a love for pants/shorts and/or less pink in her wardrobe… but she’s all girly girl, and you gotta love her for that. There’s not much to say that I haven’t already said—she’s a little too sassy at times, but the sweetest, most sensitive, and charming little thing. She’s hilarious, adorable, and better than I would have dreamed up any one-day-future kid to be. I give this three year old a ten out of ten– always and forever. 
No super big plans for today— similar to last year (except this year we’re totally and definitely a family of three now). With Alex’s new job, he doesn’t have to go in to work until two everyday! Giving us more time together to celebrate on her birthday (and every day)! A morning birthday surprise of waffles, balloons, one or two gifts and if the weather allows, the beach 🙂 
I’ll be busy all week putting together a tiny butterfly shindig for her birthday party this sunday. Luckily I like to store things away and I’ll be using some garlands from my sparkle party, some cut and re-designed garlands from her second birthday party, and making a few more tidbits throughout the week 🙂 I’m happy to be celebrating this little girl— in all her girly butterfly birthday glory 🙂 
Happy third birthday, Ms. Marlowe Paloma… we really love you, a lot. 

*butterfly napkins above are an incredibly sweet birthday gift from dot & army 🙂 


  1. happy birthday sweet marlowe! she definitely sounds like an awesome little girl 🙂 but that's cause you're a kickass mama too!

  2. Happy Birthday Marlowe. Hope you all have a really wonderful day.

  3. Happy birthday to your girl! We just celebrated our boy's 5th birthday a few days ago. Time flies so quickly huh? One moment they're a baby, and next they're all grown up!

  4. Wow, sounds like a good day to me! 🙂 A butterfly birthday party would be amazing! Happy birthday to Marlowe and congratulations to you and Alex for raising such an amazing little girl 🙂