She got this dress two years ago. It still fits her and is still her favorite.
and it’s fair trade company too! (from eternal creation.)

too many leftover veggies is a great excuse for summer rolls and spicy peanut ginger sauce.
(basically THIS recipe, plus asparagus, not fried)
today. chickpea patties with a chopped salad and roasted pepper spread.
&I swear EVERY time I make them Alex says,
“I love when you make these things, I could eat this everyday”
a girl and her snake skin.
(her dress HERE)

a mom and her lizard.
(helping him back outside.)
Brandy knows us all too well. Kombucha tea, pizza scented stickers, portable knock on wood tabs, a flask, and more, eh? I love her. Thanks Harlow(e) for the extra goodies 🙂
(Brandy is my homegirl)
a pep in her step.
my espresso ratio is growing… and growing… and growing… more shots please.
(I stopped drinking my maca shaker  and pretty much coffee in general after my painful mess, but now it’s back.)
Now, I absolutely never mind not having dinner together.
Having lunch together (almost) everyday makes life awesome.
(mushroom bolognese, thanks chef.)
zombie attack?
a birthday party
(happy birthday, lily! tomorrow!)
flatbread is serious.

paint party.
Marlowe thinks the mail man is like, the nicest, most giving man in the world.
Surprise bags of chips in the mail (my biggest guilty pleasure!) Thank you SO MUCH Jen Lula!
(Just another reason to love Jenloveskev!)


  1. I've just recently came across your instagram which fortunately led me here. I'm in love with everything you share/create. I'm inspired to try and start some of your entries. If I read correctly you're Colombian, as am I. Which brings me to the question, do you try to incorporate the beautiful culture in any of your regimens? If the answer is no, is there a particular reason? Just wondering. Again love your work, don't ever stop. You're glimpses of happiness brings happiness to others… Never forget that!
    A new admirer ! XOXO

  2. thank you for the birthday wishes. she you sunday for hotdogs and hamburgers. wahwahwahwah (maniacal laugh)

  3. i love your photographs. what a blessed life! are we serious with those colored little toes?! nothing could be cuter, i'm convinced.

    i died when i saw the honey bbq utz chips! those are my vice – one of the few things in life i have trouble sharing! (and am now craving. looks like a chip run is in our future)


  4. Marlowe's room is so whimsical and joyous. Where oh where is her elephant print/painting from?