still my (tattooed) baby.
dress: HERE.

playtime / my maca morning drink / still the best dollhouse find / still one of the best street finds.

easy blackbean soup leftovers turned to family lunches.

beautiful baby shower home.

beautiful baby shower mama

we love little sweet friends.

showing us what she learned.

I’ll tell you… I always thought I hated christmas music… until I found the wonderful world non traditional christmas music. Give me all the vintage songs. Buy David’s album: HERE.

Purposely looked into a PINK rug for Marlowe. She’s all no no no about any new thing in her room. Now debating where else I can use this beautiful things. Rug from interwoven.

easy toast, iced coffee, towers, leftover cups from the day before, and a bedhead

hide and seek.

OBSESSED with coleslaw lately…. always watermelon, always yogurt.

celebrating another year of laura. I love her.


Thank you guys for all your amazing comments, replies, emails, messages, and everything from yesterday post. Today is our family day for the week, but I’ll be back soon to answer asked questions and respond to emails and what not. Thanks again 🙂


  1. Ooooo… I played the samples on the Christmas CD's… I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos Drea, a beautiful glimpse into your world. Such a great rug. Your little doggie likes it too I think. As always your food looks delicious.

    • I've gotta tell you, M is not very good at hide and seek…. she tells us where she is going to go hide…. and then does it 🙂