Super Easy Vegan Mashed Potatoes
-8 yukon gold or russet potatoes, peeled
-1 stick vegan butter (I prefer earth balance)
-2 cups almond or soy milk (I use almond)
-salt and pepper to taste 
-optional: garlic (maybe 3-5 clove sor so, peeled)
How to:
-place potatoes in large pot and fill/cover potatoes with water. If using garlic, add it in pot.
-bring water up to a medium boil and cook until you can pierce the full sized potatoes with a fork or knife and the potato slides off on its own
-drain water
-in a small pot, heat up milk and butter, until butter is completely melted
-in a mixer or with a hand mixer, slowly add butter/milk mixture with potatoes and blend until creamy smooth—- unless you like the chunks, then hand mash those babies.
-add salt and pepper to taste. 

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