cream cheese, and a chopped salad (roasted golden beets, cucumbers, red onion, and fresh herbs) with a mustard vinegarette.
It’s been a while, right?
Things on toast may not be a super regular thing anymore or again, but I did have this delicious combo the other day, so I thought it was worth sharing 🙂 Alex makes fun of me and says things like, “but who would eat beets for breakfast?” Me, the answer is ‘me’. And more times then not, my breakfast is bordering on lunch anyway 😉 BUT in other food related news, I updated my bean and biscuit recipe with new photos and easier to read directions 🙂 I also realized that my sweet plantain and yucca stew recipe was missing from my recipe list! It’s totally worth making especially now that it’s getting chilly out there. A touch of the south meets super warmth!


Also, you may or may not noticed, but I made a few itty bitty tiny tweaks to this space. I changed my vegan section to a living section. The vegan section can now be found within the living one. There will still be all things vegan, what marlowe eats, and one of my favorites (that needs some updating): vegan beauty and body care

Within the living section, I’ve added a travel section, which not only has our vacations with restaurant tips and kid friendly things, but also a local guide-type-thing for south florida. You can find a restaurant section along with a bar/drink/adult section. I’ll be adding a kid friendly activity section soon. Speaking of kids and fun, I also added a party section, because I’ve been liking planning those things more and more lately 🙂
AND!  I created a natural living section too! Adding more natural living posts was my main reason for wanting to re-group and change the sections 🙂 The more I live life, do my daily routines, and discuss them with others, the more I realize how easy it can be to live a more natural life…. with almost no effort. So I want to push myself to share more of that here on the blog. I don’t expect everyone to start making their own deodorant or brewing their own kombucha, but I’m sure we could all find a bit of natural-living info to be helpful…. not to mention, it’s a pretty big part of our life over here 🙂 I have a few posts brewing, from essential oils, to cleanses, kombucha, recipes, and whatever else. Some of the posts will based on my and my family’s daily routines, some will be DIYS I attempt for the first time, and some will be from my friend Shervin, who is almost always my go to when I have questions of my own. If you’ve never heard of elderberry syrup, it’s a miracle worker (and pretty pricey) so the first Shervin-contributed post will go up early next week on how to make your very own (and save you tons of money)! Shervin, you rock.

I’m excited! I love this time of the year. My creative juices are in overdrive and it’s awesome. I have 50 million projects started, and I’m mostly okay with the fabric, yard, and paint bomb that has gone off in my craft and destroy room. (see a clean-ish room HERE).

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Happy weekend, friends 🙂