our updated highchair in action <3<3<3

my brother is a wrapping artist, obviously. 

accidental matching. perfection. 

hey claudia, notice a trend in clothes? Thanks for all the hand-me-downs, they’ve obviously been a favorite. 

vanilla &chamomile syrup from our hatchery box

We had a mostly easy Christmas eve and Christmas. I prepared mac and cheese. Marlowe and Alex made cookies and sweet potato pie, we wrapped handmade presents from Marlowe to my family and and Alex’s. She signed and tagged each one herself. We headed off to Eric’s print shop for a mini gift exchange and to pick up more handmade items. We then rushed off to help my sister in law set up dinner. We spent Christmas eve evening at my brothers, like we always do. It’s usually the same, my dad pokes fun at Marlowe and she gives it right back. This year with the addition of our wonderful Baby Trudy. With Trudy around, Marlowe is especially attacking with my dad— she’s protective. She doesn’t want him near her… or near anyone. It’s hard to explain…. but Marlowe really has taken on the big sister role with Trudy. Always happy to share and always needing and wanting to tend to and to give her kisses to. 
After dinner there were a few presents. Marlowe received a game for spelling (our next learning lesson in this house) and her own tools for the garden. A “scoop” aka a shovel to help us with the dirt. And a butterfly garden we’re especially excited for. I had one growing up that I remember watching with my mom. And now, it’s especially necessary with our slow growing back yard and plants needing pollinating. 
We came home, left out cookies for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer. I forgot the milk idea all together, but Marlowe was sweet enough to ask if we could leave water out for santa, because he might be thirsty. Marlowe went to bed and mama elf went to work finishing up a yellow crown and wrapping presents until Alex came home.
Our Christmas morning was sleepy but nice. Marlowe opened a few gifts from Santa—-she asked for a purple dress, yellow crown, and a teddy bear— she must have been good this year, because he brought her all three. From us, legos and sequined boots to match “mama’s gold sparkle dress”— but we can talk about sparkles later. Oh and the cutest little jump rope in her stocking. I had mixed emotions watching her unwrap each item. It was simple I know, but next year: less. We face-timed with family. We ate pancakes (I need to share our recipe soon) and plantains. And we crawled into bed for a Christmas movie until it was time to head to Alex’s moms house. 
We spent the rest of the day opening more presents and filling our belly’s with food before a walk to see the lights. Marlowe played played played, and despite her lack of naps and overload on sugar, had the best few days filled with family, food, and play time. 
Truth be told, there are things I really despise about the holiday season, but in the end of all of it, I’m always grateful for extra time with my family of three (four if you count Jerry), my family, and now Alex’s family. Merry everything and happy always, right friends? I hope whatever you did and however you spent your week, it was a good one. 
Let the count down to the new year begin and the spilling of my thoughts and emotions swim. 
Happy Thursday, friends. Thanks for being here.

ps. that top photo? I certainly did not teach her to pose like that. She’s a natural charmer. I’m so in love with all her traits— especially the ones I never owned myself. Best little girl around. 


  1. That first picture of Marlowe? Absolutely darling. The whole Christmas looks it. What a great year 2013 has been for your sweet family! (Or at least so it seems on the blog. :))

  2. I have followed your blog for a while. I enjoy it and steal recipes. Just posting now because this Christmas I too felt weird about presents. My children (3) only got three presents each (two where from grandparents) and one big one from Santa to share. Looking at other blogs and facebook, when there is so many presents under each tree I felt like I was this bad parent with our small pile. But why? My kids too, like yours only asked for three things and they got them and were happy and they weren't ipod, ipad, expensive gifts. Keep up the great work you are doing as a family.

    • I've been wanting to write about this.. but it's an uncomfortable topic to write about, or I feel it would make others uncomfortable to read it maybe. or both. I just will never feel the need to pile up presents for any holiday to make our home or hearts feel full. I'd rather focus on other ways 🙂 Merry (late) christmas and happy New Year!

  3. your holiday looks magical. my favorite photos are the sweet potato pie and the pic of you and marlowe with your sequin skirt 😉 happy holidays!

  4. What a beautiful Christmas. And that picture of you and Marlowe by the tree is so precious. And I want that skirt! its soo cute

    • I really do…. and I got his *charming* (sarcastic) personality too 😉

      Happy New Year!

  5. Looks like perfect holiday times.

    This year was the first time I have really thought about the negative aspects of Christmas. In my family, Christmas is just an excuse for people to get together to laugh and eat good food, but for some reason I found myself getting super stressed out over gifts/cards/the works. It's tough, especially when you don't have a lot of cash/time. Overall, things turned out well, but I'm happy it's over. 😉

    The Rambling Fangirl

  6. You look so much like your dad, Drea! Happy holidays to you and your fam 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Also, Marlowe is pretty much the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen 🙂

  8. Happy Thursday to you too sweetie. Such a lovely post, you always do it all so beautifully. I'm glad you all had a good time. The doggie photo is utterly adorable. The ones of you and Marlowe together are wonderful too – pictures to treasure I think.