They say each year goes by faster and faster, don’t they? I think it’s true, maybe. But I’m also aware that time wise—day wise, this holiday season has been shorter than most. Either way, it’s been a quick blur. Tree goes up, gifts come in (no mall for me, thank you etsy and amazon prime), and bam, here we are, christmas eve is tomorrow. I had this idea a week ago, a holiday light christmas ride…. a ride throughout downtown on the trolley to see the city and holiday lights… just M and our sweet friends. A beautiful idea, yes? Execution was harder than I imagined with the swarms of people covering the streets through Christmas… but who am I to complain? I was one of those street swarming people… with two crazy toddlers in tow 😉 The four of us had fun, exhausting fun. The girls were wired and in love. Holding hands up and down the street, waving their arms, chanting “best friends, best friends, best friends!” Man, they were cute. This is something I will surely try again next year, on a more quiet, non weekend evening. I’m okay with the holidays rushing by, but I will miss these gorgeous lights. 
Tomorrow we wake up, bake bake bake, and head to my brothers house for our every year christmas eve tradition of family, dinner, and gifts (we’ve always done gifts on Christmas eve. At midnight to be exact– though the older we get, the earlier gift opening seems to happen). This is our first year with baby trudy, and we’re looking forward to giving her our made with love highchair and bear 🙂 We’ll head to bed late, wake up early for Santa gifts and our first Christmas where we spend the whole day with Alex. Cheers to this whirlwind speeding holiday season and to each new Christmas. 
-That giant light sculpture thing up there? It’s THIS thing, from yesterday. A giant “tree” made entirely out of sand. Crazy town. 
-Need (vegan) holiday meal ideas? Try THESE. Also, I’m probably making our bean stew too…. and I’m absolutely making (and devouring) these cookies for Santa (ME!)
-Dear procrastinators out there (I’m one too, hi!) two last minute (kid) gift ideas:
  • Little Pim! There’s a sale going on now, receive 30% off all digital products! 
  • Also: Kiwi Crate! a monthly gift subscription, no need to put anything under the tree, but a “hey check your mail!” card. (you can learn a bit more about them HERE… we LOVED it.)


  1. Marlowe's Naartjie dress! I'm so glad she got to wear it, I helped Alex's aunt pick it out in North Carolina (: small world!

  2. For some reason your pictures make me smile a lot! They are so real! I don't know how to describe it, they're just happy. Great blog!