just finished: Food Rules. Short entertaining rules, beautiful illustrations.

that light! a plane! my crippled butt on the beach (second bee sting on the bottom of my foot in two months?!?! must wear shoes!). seashell collections. perfection.

three am is never far away. 

simple. sandwich. gorgeous oranges. water.

beach days with friends visiting back home. 

give me p-i-z-z-a. 

miracle fruit! and a lemon. have you head of miracle fruit? we got a tree. One berry and it makes EVERYTHING taste sweet. lemons taste like sugar and Guinness taste like chocolate milk. magic.

our favorite snack.

I want this again. 
Leftover indian food and a falafel salad. It’s been an accidental protein and veg overload over here lately. 
also, I’m like, really good at making indian food. I should post recipes. like, really good. 
one of our favorites for sure.

everyday they visit. makes me think of my grandpa, they used to visit his house too. 

I cant. It’s amazing. They made a “rocket ship” for the both of them. This might be my favorite image all year. 

Every time I make a salad, she steals it. If I make her a salad she doesn’t care, but if it’s for me? It’s for her… she sits next to me and steals ALL my greens! 

a three am visitor: the moon. 
(no, I don’t sleep)

a (very tall) sand christmas tree. 


  1. I'm intrigued by miracle fruit. And yes please to some Indian recipes. How lovely to see sun and sea and sand. It seems a long way away right now – a storm is passing over today, cold wind, cold rain, possible flooding. Your photos have made me sigh.

  2. I HAVE heard of miracle fruit. The first time I ever heard of it was actually on CSI! haha… I guess it's a way to eat healthy foods you normally wouldn't like the tastes of. 🙂