So, I think we can all mostly agree that a mustache can feel like a pretty embarrassing or self-conscious thing for a woman to carry. I say mostly, because I’m sure we can go off on a million tangents when it comes to beauty, roles, what makes us woman, how we’re made to feel we should look a certain way and how we should be happy with who we are on this inside, whatever/and etc… there are so many sides to all of it. But this post isn’t about any of that. This post is about my mustache—- my skin mustache, and how I broke up with it.
I’m not the girliest of girls— I don’t go to extremes for beauty. Getting my nails done is a once a year miracle. I wash my hair once a week— because it takes too darn long to dry and it’s easier for me to put it in a braid. Sometimes I get fancy and put on eye liner. I like when I feel my best. And yes, I like to feel beautiful… and comfortable in my own skin… I mean, we all do, don’t we?

My mustache and I started our relationsip a few years ago— it came along with hormone changes and pregnancy. Extra sun (and maybe soy too?!– but I’m not sure– so that again is another tangent) would make my mustache more of an encroaching jerk. No amount of makeup would cover it up. And photo editing? Well, I don’t know how to do it— not really anyway, and not at all for mustache removal.  It’s been uncomfortable for me. Some friends would say they wouldn’t notice it. And some would agree it was there. For me, it didn’t matter if others could see it or not, I could see it and I didn’t like it. Even on my most confident days I would wish for it to go away.
And so we’re clear— we’re not talking about hair, there’s no real hair on my upper lip, just major skin discolorations. But if I’m being completely honest here (and I think I am— hello embarssing mustache photos!), my arms are a hairy, hairy beast in themselves. But pregnancy, it cause changes (no duh) and sometimes, for some women, a mustache (or other skin discolorations) is one of them. Growing up I was always a bit self-conscious about the hair on my arms and my self-titled “toilet seat thighs”— now I could care less. I remember reading one of sark’s books— probably this one— about Rosie O’donnell— and her giant long chin hair and how she came out on stage and showed it off to everyone. And I thought, well jeez, that’s pretty awesome. I wanted to feel that way— maybe not about chin hairs, but about all my flaws. And I feel like I pretty much do, especially now. I mean, I come clean on all my flaws (physical and not) pretty openly, especially when asked. But still, even when being forthcoming and okay in my flaws, I wanted— and preferred this new friendly mustache to go away. (Yes, I like/liked self help books too. They’re fun).

I’ve posted about my mustache twice now (this will be the third time). The first time, I declared I would accept it. The second time, years later, I was working on hormonally fixing it.
So it’s gone. And I am pleased (though you won’t know I’m pleased by the following photos). I’ve tried a few different skin lightening products over the past three years— nothing really worked. But I’ve taken a few steps in the past six months that have absolutely worked. I still take maca for my hormones— not everyday, but one to two times a week (read post HERE). I wear sunscreen like it’s my job, especially (an extra strength one) on my upper lip and I wear hats often (hello florida sun!). I use a clarisonic on my face, once a day (but not the soap that comes with it).

BUT I think the biggest thing that has made a difference…
A week or so after my second post I received an email about a product to remove it. Vegan, peta approved (if that matters), the whole sh-bang. I said of course, sign me up— it was worth a shot, right? Now here I am, months later, with my mustache mostly completely gone. It still makes (it’s almost completely disappeared) presence known when I get too much sun, but a few days later it clears out again. While my skin may not be completely perfect, for the most part, my mustache is completely gone. It’s disappeared enough where I don’t think people wonder anymore why I’m not “shaving or waxing my face” and it’s gone enough for me to just feel better on the day to day.
Awesome, right? I still like my all natural soapI don’t use the soap that comes with the reverse system—- I thought/felt like it made me break out a bit— and it seemed like it might be too much while still using the clarisonic. But I use the toner, the reverse cream, and of course the sunscreen everyday. I also finish off my face-clearing routine with my magic butt cream— because I’m serious, that stuff does wonders!

If you’re interested, you can purchase the whole Reverse kit here. It’s not tested on animals and it’s vegan (well, two products of the whole line are not vegan, but the Reverse kit is completely vegan)…. and best of all… it works! And not just on mustaches— but on any discolorations and scars 🙂 I used only about half of it until the recommended refill time. A little goes a long way. In half the time, it got rid of my dark stache’ Is it natural? Err… no, probably not the most natural thing… to be honest, it’s probably the most unnatural thing in my home and that I use on my body. But I mean, I make my own deodorant for crying out loud. So on a home scale of natural products—- there’s only natural things here and this product is the one odd man out. But I really live by the rule, everything in moderation. And so for me, this works for now and for a little while longer.
There’s a few other kit options, if a skin mustache isn’t your problem. For Acne, there’s Unblemish. For wrinkles and lines, there’s REDEFINE. And for redness/senstive skin there is Soothe. I haven’t tried the other kits yet— so I can’t tell you “yes they absolutely totally work” but considering how well the one I tried works, I’m guessing they do.
In closing: YAY NO MORE MUSTACHE! I’m still a hairy beast with some (small and proud) mom boobs, zits from time to time, cellulite, etc—- you know—-human &full of wonderful flaws and imperfections. And I’m cool with it AND happy my mustache is gone 😉
*I worked long and hard to find photos with my mustache. It’s pretty rare that I’m full face in front of the camera (not a selfie girl) and, I mean, really, how often am I going to take face photos with my mustache front and center? Not often… but even now, without it…. don’t think I’m going to start taking selfies. It’s not gonna happen.
*full disclosure: theres a filter on that last photo, but DO NOT fear—the filter DOES NOT hide a mustache. Filters actually made my mustache SO MUCH WORSE. They would flush things out and contrast my mustache super harsh. (What good are filters if they can’t hide blemishes? Pft.)
*I plan on updating my beauty/ body care page soon, but if you’re interested, you can check out my past favorite products.


  1. Thanks for the great post! I just recently noticed two brown patches above my lip and have been reading up on anything I can find. I hope these products really work (since they're pricey). However, I am desperate! My skin overall has changed dramatically, and I hope it helps my overall skin appearance! Thanks again! Oh and any updates to this post? Are you still using the products?

  2. OH MY GOSH!!

    Thank you a hundred times over for writing this post!! I've just recently (within the last month and a half) noticed the exact same thing happening to my upper lip, a skin mustache, what the heck!!! I thought maybe it was just a weird tan line and it would go away but it hasn't, if anything it's gotten slightly darker. Until this post I thought I was alone in the world with this weird discolored skin mustache on my face.

    I do have very sensitive skin on my face and will normally break out in a rash from most lotions and makeups so I am pretty hesitant to give this a try but at least I know what some options are!

  3. Drea,

    Thanks so much for this post. Really, from one girl to another! I had one more question… Because the product is clearly not inexpensive, I was wondering if on the page with the reverse products there is a reverse skin lightening accelerator pack consisting of the toner and a skin lightening cream. Is this the same cream you used that came in the multi pack or is it a different one? Please help!

  4. I just found your blog and will hopefully be ordering when I get paid this week I have suffered from the mustache for just over a year now and it truly is embarrassing. I really hope this works for me like it did for you – thanks

  5. I had the mustache when I was pregnant but then it went away. Now it is back -4 years after having my last child (and NO I am no pregnant again)- Every summer it gets really bad from the sun , no matter how much I stay out of it or how much sun block I use. Any suggestions?? Do hide form the sun?

  6. Thanks so much for your open and honest post! I think you're very brave. I have the exact same thing (although I think mine is from birth control pills and/or a candida overgrowth). I've been struggling with it for a year or so. I haven't tried many products for fear of making it worse, but I'm just tired of dealing with it. I just ordered the Reverse system and am hoping it helps. If nothing else, it's nice to know I'm not alone!

  7. Haha this makes me laugh because on our honeymoon I got one! I tan SO easily and I got really, really dark in the sun for 2 weeks in Mexico. SO EMBARRASSING! OMG. My sister still teases me about it. Annoying. Anyway, I didn't even think that it may be hormonal but that makes sense for pregnancy!

  8. You are so beautiful in the last picture especially! I have a real hair mustache, sadly, but threading sorts it out!

  9. I got a terrible pregnancy mustache with my third daughter, and it's the only time that happened. I was also living in south Florida and spent my entire pregnancy laying by the pool, so I blame sun damage. Fortunately it went away on it's own [3 months post partum]

  10. Thank you for posting this! I've been dealing with melasma for 3 years since my first baby and it got worse with the second. I just ordered some–thank you!!

  11. I just want to say that I think you're absolutely beautiful and I've thought that from the time I found you on Instagram. I think it is pretty ridiculous the things that we pick ourselves apart over. It looks like a shadow in the photos but I can totally get you. My facial hair is bleachhhh blonde for some reason and I have to trim it which sounds so gross but its the best way since with waxing you have to grow it out. ack. I'm just gonna stop.

  12. What sunscreen do you use? I have skin sensitivities and I have trouble finding one that doesn't make my skin itchy and red. I don't have a mustache but I produce freckles like it's my job in the summer. A few are cute. A swath of them covering my entire face? Not cute.

  13. Reverse saved me!! I am so happy to be melasma free after trying tons of other products and wasting gobs of money! Reverse saved the day within 30 days. Now I can go make-up free in my late 30's and I get compliments on my skin! Best feeling in the world! Congrats!!

  14. I have to say, I read your first vegan friendly beauty products post and it inspired me to do it myself. I LOVE the Jason body wash, spa ritual nail polish and the kiss my face tooth paste. I'm not sure if you've dealt with this flaw but I've been "blessed" with some dark circles under my eyes that no matter how much sleep, creams, or concealers I use they never lessen in darkness. Do you or anyone else have any natural remedies for this?

    • months later to respond— but are the circles a recent venture or have they been there for a while? I know that some people just ave thinner tissue under their eye which makes them a lot more noticeable. Mine can get pretty bad. My best advice is more water, but its not super helpful <3

  15. ha!! that's the shit i was using and selling years ago and it is the ONLY thing that took away the melasma i had on my forehead and face. it's good stuff. i used the whole "regime"