In my new years post, I wrote about last year being my best year yet. It’s true. It was. Until this one. I know this one hasn’t happened yet and a million things can happen in the span of a year, a month, and even in one single day. But this life, it’s evolving…. and so am I. Well, we all are. And that’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I think so. More than organizing or purging or cleansing or doing anything that I feel I need to do to move forward, I’ve realized, I just need to be open, happy, and inspired to make things happen. And I am. What I give, I get. I’ve got the itch and I’m ready to take more risks and bigger steps. It’s like year after year went by, and some years were hard as hell and some were decent enough, and some were downright crazy, but now here I am, in this place of total and complete ease. Almost…. without needing a second thought. 

I could coast and float if I wanted too… securely. But with this anxious feeling of uneasiness finally lifted off my shoulders, and thoughts of what if’s looming… I’m ready. Does this make enough sense? You know when you get in these moods and moments and you can spit out all these emotions to someone near by, but unless they’re thinking or have experienced what you’re thinking or might have experienced or feeling excitement like you are, then they’re probably lost. It almost feels like that now. I have an incredibly simple (just how I want it) life, with big plans. I’m a (tired) burst of READY… and I’m really hoping everyone is inspired and open too… and I’m not alone in spewing out emotions of flight.

I’ve got some of the craziest ideas floating through my head… but ideas that are not completely intangible or out of my reach. (More) goals I’d like to achieve… and there’s nothing stopping me from reaching them. Fear is no longer a crutch— anxiety a reason, uncertainty a reluctance, failing an excuse. I’m not standing in my own way anymore.
We woke up before sunrise the other morning. We had a picnic packed and an (easy) adventure in mind. We watched the sunrise and minutes later, fell asleep on the beach for two hours, skipping the picnic. Because, why not?
My thirty day cleanse &guide will be out soon. I’ll have more information in the next week or so, for those who are interested. I’m excited and I hope you guys are wanting to take part 🙂 Other than that, I plan to save more money, de-clutter more, create more memories, and make awesome things happen. 
I know it’s only three days into february and last month zoomed by without warning, but how is everyone’s year going? Are you dreaming and doing? Are you moving forward or standing still? Floating or flying? How is your year or your day going to be? I hope, better than every other one you’ve ever had before.


  1. Hi Drea,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and am quite in love with it! I'm 24 and live not too far away from you, in Orlando, but thank you so much for being so inspiring to me across the board. I am stoked for your 30 day cleanse!! Love your Lucid Evolving Post… Hope all is well darling.
    xoxoxox Hannah B

  2. Hi Drea,
    I am so in love with your blog. I'm 24 (and live not too far from you in Orlando) and you've provided such inspirations to me (across the board!) I can't wait for this 30 day cleanse! Love your Lucid Evolving Post…Thanks!

  3. This post definitely spoke to my heart. I have been feeling similar emotions so far this year. I feel as if I'm ready to step out of my own way and embrace the days I have in 2014. I know this will be a good year. If we believe it, we can make it happen. Good luck in living out a wonderful year!

  4. I love this post! You're super relate-able, especially for us ladies in our twenties :).

    I'm waiting to hear if I've been accepted to medical school or not. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the small things and am dreaming big. Very excited about 2014!

  5. You hit the nail on the head!! I feel so motivated and inspired after I read your blog posts, really lets me just realize to keep moving forward 🙂

  6. What a wonderful post! I always believe the next year will be a better year. You're so right – we're always evolving, constantly changing our goals and ultimately who we are. I wish you the best this year! Love the photos, by the way!


  7. I feel as though I just read something I could have written myself (except for the being up before sunrise thing because I am most definitely not an early riser, haha). I feel as though this year has some great things in store and will be my best year yet. I really hope all of this happiness and loss of fear leads you to getting serious about making a cookbook 🙂 And I hope you really do have the best year ever because your posts are the happiest they've ever been and you really do deserve the best.

  8. I am I'm almost that exact same place. Except last year was hell and this year is about focusing on the lifestyle I want to lead. We are buckling down and saving a ton… So that next year we can move and I can farm. I am so freaking excited that I itch for it.

  9. I am I'm almost that exact same place. Except last year was hell and this year is about focusing on the lifestyle I want to lead. We are buckling down and saving a ton… So that next year we can move and I can farm. I am so freaking excited that I itch for it.

  10. So much energy and inspiration here Drea. I'm glad you are ready to fly, I think you will be able to achieve so much. I've always understood completely what you say about anxiety, it's something I'm suffering with at the moment. But it is so good to see you conquer it and seize the day. I'm wishing all of your dreams come true, and that you have the success that you so richly deserve. Good luck Drea.

  11. Last year I got promoted in a job I love, I moved into my amazing home and was proposed to by my amazing fiance. In 6 days time I will become his wife. 2014 is the most amazing time of my life so far.