Trips to landscape, plant, and flower stores are so nice, even when we just come home with an armful of dollar flower pots…. every little plant counts to make this space grow. It’s been a slow (and hot hot!) process, but it’s really been great. Our garden is coming out so nice. Alex is seeding like crazy. Marlowe is stealing miracle fruit like its her job. And I’m, well, I’m ever so gently trying to pick off and find new homes for the caterpillars that have been making our passionfruit their lunch.

We’re homebodies, so it’s nice to put our space together, inside and outside, piece by piece to make it something we love so much. But we’re not done yet. Not even close. Okay, maybe sort of close, but we have SO MUCH more to do! We’re making our way to the side yard next. That space up there ^. We’re thinking pavers or an on-ground wood deck for the left half of it. We’ve gone back and forth for a while now, and like our raised beds, price and ease of building will determine how we set up our space. Our dining table (aka picnic table that has been sitting inside) will be moving outside. We’ll set up our fire pit, in a proper way. One or two more beds to the right, along our house… and maybe even a banana tree, because, well, monkeys. Oh… and you know what else we’re hoping absolutely planning to build in the future?? A pizza oven! If you’re facing our pergola, it’ll be in that empty space to the left. We’re all looking forward to that 🙂 It’s really coming together. We’re all really pleased!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Drea, I only recently discovered your blog. The hubs & I have been drooling over your raised beds all weekend and scheming on how we could build similar ones in our backyard in time for spring planting. We were kind of crushed when we visited our local garden center today and the guy there said to be careful with using metal for the sides b/c it would heat up the dirt too much in the summer, and make it colder in the winter. We're in Atlanta, so the summers are warm, but no warmer than FL- what's your experience been? Your gardens look gorgeous so my instinct is to build them anyway!!!

    • Hi! Well, it's mostly true, metal beds can cook the plants! On the sides of our beds, there's enough shade where it doesn't seem to be too much sun soaking into the metal— like the beds never actually feel hot. But also, I don't know about Atlanta's growing cycle– but here in SoFL our growing season is primarily winter—- summer is just waaaaaaaaaay too hot for almost anything and everything. So our beds will be pretty depressing once the real heat hits.

  2. I am so in love with your garden! I wish I had the weather in PA to grow those lovely fruits and things that you have! So inspiring, as usual 🙂

  3. So, so lovely! We live in a condo right now, but one big push for us to get a house is that we want our own garden. I always had one growing up and it was so nice to step outside and grab everything you need for a salad 🙂 Your backyard is so inspiring!

  4. oh my this is like my dream space .. i love it! i hope once i'm more settled with my own space i am able to create something as beautiful as what your family has created!

  5. Whoa Drea, you've totally transformed that space!!! One can see clearly that it was a labor of love- it came together really nicely.

  6. Gosh, I love seeing your progress! It's so inspirational…I can't wait to have a yard one day and build our dream backyard, too 🙂

  7. It's wonderful Drea, all of your hard work is paying off. I love following your garden posts and seeing your progress. You definitely need a pizza oven I think, your pizzas are legendary. Happy gardening.

  8. that photo of Alex?! What an AMAZING space! Can I come over for coffee and a banana? 🙂 xo