I am so excited— and nervous—and excited to announce that I got a book deal! Yes, a book deal. A real, hold in your hands, ohdeardrea cookbook is in the works. It’s one of those *pinch me I’m dreaming* things for sure. Something that hasn’t fully hit me yet. Something that makes me stop what I’m doing, smile, and go “whoa, this is real”… but something that will not fully be real until I see and feel the end result: a book in hands (and stands!). I’m excited for it. I’m nervous of all the steps working up until that final moment. I’ve taken on a lot of big projects for this coming year— I’ve been super busy on this end and I’m only going to get busier. But for as long as I wanted this, I know that the perfect time is now. Not sooner, not later, but now. It’s happening. I’m creating it now!
January 7th, 2013 I nervously promised myself a (public) two year plan: a cookbook plan. Exactly one year later, I received an email from a curious editor on my cookbook plans. It was good, it was a maybe, it was a possibly, but there was no promise or guarantee. But then! THEN! One year and a few months later, a few phones calls and emails with good (amazing) people later, the plan is in motion. I freaking did it. An envisioned dream, turned real. A plant-based book for everyone.
I’m teaming up with the fine people of The Experiment Publishing to create a 125 (!) recipe cookbook. Comfort food, healthy food, real food. Food that we love and eat here daily. Meals that are easy enough to feed toddlers and satisfying enough to please meat loving chefs 😉 I’ve worked through so many ideas in my head. I’m scattered and rarely focused, but I’m certain that this is all coming together.
I want a focus— a section for kids, for those of us who have them. Tips and tricks to transition curious babies to (maybe sometimes hesitant) real food eating toddlers, to kitchen helpful healthy kids and adults. Something approachable, manageable, fun, and something for those of who maybe decided in their later years, that french fries and processed foods were not and are not enough. This is something I feel passionate about—– Vegan food that isn’t rabbit food, but instead—- something filling, beautiful, and something genuinely richly satisfying.
I’m excited for this year. I’m excited for next year.  Thank you thank you for being here. I hope you guys love this project as much as I do 🙂


  1. I can't wait for your cookbook to come out! Thinking about becoming vegan and it will definitely be a huge help!!!

  2. Wow, so many congrats Drea! Such exciting news, I look forward to it. 🙂

  3. Congrats! So thrilled for you. I am especially excited about the kids section. I am raising my son on a plant based diet and up till a few weeks ago, he was always a good eater. It will be exciting to learn some new recipes that are toddler friendly!

  4. wow! congratulations!!! I'm not vegan and have no intention on becoming vegan but I believe in balance and we eat plant based meals a few days a week. I really enjoy your cooking because is fun, tasty looking and it encourages me to try neww things. I can't wait to get a copy and if you eer think of publishing in other languages (Spanish or French) I'd love to help you out with the translation just because there's so many people than would benefit from your food and big heart. Sending you lots of energy for this adventure from the French Alps

  5. Wow this is great! I love reading your blog and can't wait to see your cookbook! Especially because I am often left drooling over your amazing food pictures… 🙂

  6. beauty! I read your blog, but don't comment. I just wanted to say! Mazel Tov! Congrats. I love when people make their dreams come true. Woot! Go big or go Home. xoxo Aliya

  7. Congratulations, how wonderful!!! I'm so excited to see it when it's complete and hopefully get to hear about your process. It's one of my dreams to write a cookbook someday!

  8. Super exciting! And from the little I have seen here, much deserved!!! I think I will be wanting one of those for sure. I am not vegan, but when we cook at home, it's 80% of the time vegetarian, 10% vegan and sometimes some meat. I just find that a focus on vegetables when one starts to envision the lunch/dinner one wants to make is absolutely first priority! I always start with that and then I add carbs and I go from there. In other words, a cookbook from you would be wonderful to me! (please would you use also the European measurments in gr and ml in addition to ounces and cups?, it makes our lives here at this side of the ocean much easier!!!) Kudos to you Exxx

  9. WHOA!! It's my dream for sure to land a book deal so I'm in awe. So excited for you!!

  10. How incredibly wonderful!! I will definitely be interested in that book. I've been vegan since 2008 and I enjoying making my own meals at home but I'm not great at coming up with things to make. So I rely a lot on simple hearty recipes out there (even if they're not vegan and I alter them). I'd love to add yours to the list. Cheers to dedication and dreams, Aubrey

  11. This is so, so exciting!!! I have read your blog for years and always wished this for you! You have a beautiful gift and I am so thrilled for you that your dream is coming true!!!

  12. Sounds really exciting! I already look forward to seeing the final result:)

  13. Drea, I am absolutely thrilled for you. I know you've had this dream for a while, and I am so happy that it is coming true. An inspiring story. And I have no doubt it will be a big success, and a very well deserved success. Congratulations. CJ xx

  14. Wow! This is awesome and I can't wait to buy the book! You are one of the most unique and interesting bloggers that I follow. Well deserved!

  15. I am beyond thrilled for you! And though I don't have kids (yet!) I'm still looking forward to the kids section. I related so much with What Marlowe Eats as it was foods that were simple and easy enough for me to throw together for myself! Biggest of congratulations to you. Please let us know when we can preorder it! YUM!!!

  16. AH! Congratulations, Drea! I cannot wait to buy it and follow you through the process of writing. Awesome and inspiring to see you making your dreams a reality!

  17. Wow, that's really great news!!! I love your recipes even though I'm not vegan. And I will definetly buy the book (if it will be available in Germany). Good luck with this wonderful project.

  18. This is so exciting! Well done you! I am a meat eater but I like looking for ways to eat meat free and dairy free. Your blog has always been one of the few that has genuinely intruiged me with Vegan cooking and I really am looking forward to this book. Plus I just know it will be so vibrant and fresh, full of the bright colours you always have on here 🙂 Amazing!
    Chambray & Curls

  19. Eeek! Can't wait. I especially love that you're going to include a feeding your kiddo section. Congratulations!

  20. Wooow, congrats!! I'm not vegan, but that doesn't mean I meat meat everyday – I love vegan cooking and I love how you talk aobut it and present it here, so I'm definitely buying that book. I hope we'll be hearing more about it soon 🙂

  21. Oh that is so incredibly awesome!

    I've been quietly lurking on your site for some time now. I was first drawn to your site for the joy your blog exudes. I also love your commitment to simple, healthy living which I am also passionate about. Maybe being a fellow Floridian as well, Me now in Orlando but soon to be in St. Pete, I felt a connection. Then I read deeper in your blog and found your story about being a single mom and your journey to get through that life experience even stronger and empowered to create and live the life you wanted. I lived through the death of my husband in 2003. At the time I had a 18 month old. I too have come through that experience stronger and with an unwavering clarity about creating a life guided by what is most important.

    So sorry to babble but I read your post this morning and thought WoW not only is that such great news for you but it is quite serendipitous! I just re-wrote my About Page on my blog. In that re-write I declared to the universe that I want to write a book. Like you mentioned in your 2year plan post I stumbled, I toyed with the idea of deleting that part and then thought what do I have to lose. I can want what I want. Feel the fear and do it anyway, right!

    Reading your post this morning felt like my "sign" to move forward with something that feels not even so much as something I'd like to do but something I feel compelled to do.

    I am so genuinely happy for you. And even though we've never met, Thank you! Thank you for your courage, your joy, and the proof that if you put something out there and really, deeply desire this and move towards your desire, dreams do come true. I can't wait to hear all the juicy details as you move closer and closer to holding your dream in your hands. 🙂

    Tania Welch

  22. How exciting! I definitely would love to hear more about the process you go through to publish. It is no small thing to see your dreams come true; such a joy to celebrate! I am excited for you, Drea, and I hope this goes well for you!

  23. How exciting! I definitely want to here more about the process of you reaching your goals. Its no small thing to see your dreams come true; its such a joy to celebrate this! I am excited for you, Drea, and I hope you enjoy this process.

  24. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been inspired by bloggers, like you to share my heart. I blog about my struggle with Huntington's disease, and would be honored if you would follow my journey.


  25. AAH! So excited for this, congratulations on creating your own real cookbook! Like, REAL, print! This is awesome news. I see you will collaborate with a likeminded publisher. That must feel even better! Btw can't believe how big a 'coincidence' it was the publisher send you an email exactly on that date. Crazy stuff!

  26. Oooh Deardrea! Congratulations and good luck! We eat veggie most of the time but i don't know if i could close milk, eggs and fish totally out of my life.. maybe we can reconsider after reading your book?

  27. Hi, I rarely post any comments and I'm sorry if I'm coming off as a weirdo for coming out of the blue but I am SO EXCITED! CONGRATULATIONS! I have been a reader for about 2 years now and I constantly browse your blog for inspiration. I am not a vegan, but I have been looking to transition and learn more about this lifestyle. Any time I eat vegan food I never feel satisfied, so I am so happy that you're making a vegan cookbook like this (not "rabbit food", haha). I will definitely be purchasing this book when it comes out, and I can't wait to see the cover and beautiful photos you decide to include!! Again, congratulations!

  28. Wow congratulations!! you must be so excited! i'm not a vegan and don't plan to become vegan but i always love the recipes you share and have copied them once in a while, it was delicious! i'm curious to see the book now! 🙂

  29. So so cool! I followed you after watching the movie and went through your archives. So glad I did. Congrats on the book deal!!!

  30. So Exciting! I love when setting a vision and working hard to achieve leads to awesome results. Congrats!!!

  31. Congratulations! I can't wait! My family is meat eaters, barely, but we are. Ideas on creative full meals without meat would be such a treat (and a HUGE help) for me! I know there are other books and info out there, but something about you makes me WANT to live a meat free life. My oldest daughter doesn't eat meat, and I'm keeping it that way. Thanks for putting something in the book specifically for kids!

  32. Congrats!! Can't wait to see the final product!! It's going to be great!!

  33. So unbelievably excited!!!!! Your blog is my favorite to come to and I love everything you do! Thank you for being so inspiring on the daily! You go girl!!!

  34. wow– this is such exciting news!! I cannot wait to get a copy! The universe answered your call… you must be ecstatic!

  35. Congratulations! I hope you consider writing more about the steps it took to get here and the work it entails while you put it together.

    • To get here, it really just took a good email of interest from a publisher to give me a kick in the butt 🙂 But the process, I'll def. be sharing. I'm working on building a "photo studio" now in my "work room" 😉

  36. Congratulations – I loved your cleanse so I am sure I will totally love your cookbook too. Please, please, please make sure your book is available to purchase in the UK. I love physical cookbooks, waaaay more than ebooks. You just don't get the inspiration flicking through an ebook as you do through a physical book. So excited!!!

    • I completely agree, ebooks are nice, but I need something I can hold 🙂

    • I second that! Will definitely be picking a copy up in Ireland 🙂 Congrat's Andrea, I haven't been this excited about a cookbook since good 'ol Nigel Slater. xx

  37. congrats beautiful girl! have been following your journey for a number of years now and this is just so exciting. can't wait to read it xxx

  38. Congratulations!! After reading your post about it, I'm excited to see what you come up with, even though I'm not a huge cookbook fan ☺️

  39. Ahhh! I knew you would be offered a book deal sooner or later. Your recipes andddd photos are too beautiful to go unrecognized. YAY!!

  40. Congratulations, so excited for you!!!! Also, that pic of M and Alex above is just about the sweetest, love it!!!