Before and after posts don’t go over incredibly well, when you lose your before photos! Nevertheless, here are some after photos of a super quick, not excessively impressive bathroom makeover. I mean, the bathroom looks 300% better than before, just by adding a fresh coat of paint, but without the before’s it’s hard to tell 🙂
I took before photos for this bathroom previous to my hard drive crash. I then transferred all my important photos onto my hard drive and “before photos of a spare bathroom” of course didn’t make the cut. Half my brain said, “it’s okay you can take photos later!” The other half said, “you already took photos, you’re all set, paint away!”
So here we are, before-less. There’s a lot of spaces in this home that we don’t show, mostly because, we’re not in them often. (I still want to show you our before and after of the back room, thats an impressive one!) I’ve searched my folders for a non-planned before photos of this bathroom, but really, how often are people taking photos in a bathroom? Not much in this (any?) household.

So you wouldn’t know, but this bathroom has been the same (and not spectacular) since the day I moved in. The only change I made was one day, on a whim, trying to paint the wall black. It didn’t stick, literally. In my perfect world, I would have just waited until we had the money to retile the wall and the floor and change all the hardware and fixtures, you know, everything. But in my realistic world, that kind of bathroom overall will be waiting a long time. So, months later (maybe almost a year?), I’ve decided, any little sprucing will and can be good sprucing–it was time for me to put even a little bit of work into this space. It was worth it. When I find the right pieces I’ll replace the light fixtures and eventually the hardware—- and waaay down the road we’ll do an overhaul, maybe. For now, we’re all surprisingly happy with a pink bathroom makeover.

I also ordered a lighter pink— which I plan on doing a fun wall treatment with— next fall, when my load lightens a bit 😉 It’s really hard to make any paint designs look awesome with textured walls, but I have a few ideas that may work!

mirror,  thrifted. (like how it’s covering the plug?) (thats what we call getting over ocd)
curtain, splurge, for me for sure, but after a year and a half of leaving up a three dollar thrifted curtain, I thought Marlowe’s bathroom might deserve something nice— also it def. brighter up a typically dark space in contrast with the pink.
bathroom hook (similar), I actually purchased mine about 7 years ago now? On clearance.
other odds and ends: probably home goods?
toothpaste, see our vegan beauty post HERE.


PS. INDIA! I am so excited by the responses Lisa and I have been getting! A few sign ups already! We’re both answering each of your questions one by one. As Lisa says, a well informed traveler, is the best traveler! But we’ll also be putting together another post with more information on the trip and questions and what not, so do stay tuned! For those who asked about the deadline, we can’t give one. It’s really first come first serve, so if you’re considering coming, I do suggest requesting the itinerary and putting in your application sooner than later. It’s going to be amazing 🙂


  1. looks great! i grew up in florida and remember painting those textured walls.. takes forever to get in all the cracks haha. love the bug shower curtain

  2. Oh wow, that shower curtain is a thing of beauty. A really nice makeover Drea. CJ xx

  3. I've been think of painting the bathroom in our apartment salmon pink for so long but keep thinking it might not work this has totally inspired me