You know, I’ve never gotten into hula hooping culture— thats a thing, right? Hoopers— thats the term? I’m not sure. I mean, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve hula hooped before this month. But not very long ago I bought a hula hoop for Marlowe. I realized it was much too big (but not half bad for me) and found her a toddler sized one— well, after days and days of practice (grumpy practice— we’re both perfectionists that HATE doing things we’re not good at)— the kid picked it up, like a pro. I don’t really have much to say, I just wanted to share these photos Hannah took, because I love them so much—-  and really, it’s pretty rad how awesome my three year old is at hula hooping– and that I’m apparently not half bad too!  But her? She’s awesome. Here’s a (cell phone quality) video I took 3-ish weeks ago— and honestly, she’s even better now.

So yeah, just some cuteness for your wednesday 😉 Happy mid-week, friends.

photos by hannah mayo photography.


  1. I agree with Whitney. How great to have these fun, everyday moments captured…and so beautifully! And I can't get over how good she is! 😉

  2. That's freaking adorable, and those pictures are so good! I love honest lifestyle pictures.

  3. Fantastic, she is all cuteness. I'm wishing I had a hula hoop now!

  4. So far you (and magnificent Marlowe) have made my sad days, glad days, bad days, fab days… all so much cheerier!

  5. Youuuuuuu both have the most amazing hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't take it! These photos are so adorable. I can totally tell how much Marlowe adores her ballerina outfit 🙂

  6. This is SO cute! I am terrible at hula hooping. It is a wee bit embarrassing.

  7. these photos are so fun! and i'm mostly jealous that you have the space to hoop in your house. there's no way i could do that in mine!

  8. she is SO ADORABLE! i love these photos so much and am jealous of marlowe's hooping abilities. thank you for sharing 😉

  9. That is the cutest video….she is awesome at it!!!! Also really love all those pictures!

  10. I can't take it!! Her hula hooping form is too cute! I love how she holds her arms. Hey, whatever works right?! She's very good too 🙂 Great photos. Looks like a fun time and makes me want to break out my hula hoop!

  11. This is adorable! I love seeing all the cute posts about her new adventures! She's really good at hula-hooping too! (:

  12. i love hooping. it has become the only 'me' part of my day, and it's definitely a stress reliever for me. i love dancing, although i'm not very coordinated. i feel like using a hoop lets me get the best of both worlds, without looking like a complete moron.