There is a long list of things I love about calling south florida my home. A long, long list. Summer is not one of them. This summer has been more rain filled than usual. I know, I know, I’ve mentioned it. So let me get to the good part— with the summer comes a lot of good stuff too… more free time for Alex, more rainy movie days, and hands down the favorite thing for everyone here: mangoes. The mangoes are plenty. And it seems like the more time that goes by living here in south florida, the more people I meet who are practically begging us to take mangoes from them. Well, we never, ever turn down a mango— and well, sometimes Alex’s mango loving stomach on his tree climbing self is bigger than his sensibility. So our mango stock is bigger than we could ever need. They’re everywhere. You can find them in the road, in the parks, on neighborhood walks. Everywhere– but mostly in our stomachs of course.
I hope you guys like mangoes, cause after this summer there will probably be quite a few mango recipes in the book 😉 


  1. Mangoes are so good and has a lot of nutrients for you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  2. mangoes! i totally agree with you about loving the abundance of them. i live in s.florida as well, and love when my neighbors' mango tree drops a few warm mangoes onto our yard. i know you mentioned you'll be sharing some recipes in your book, but do you have any quick ones you could share. i'm in need of some ideas, other than smoothies, on what to do with my growing supply. especially the super ripe ones! thanks.

  3. This is, like, my biggest dream. To live in a place surrounded by mangoes. They're my absolute favourite. I sometimes eat three a day, or just two for breakfast. This post gives me serious considerations on moving to South Florida (if only for a few months of mango heaven). But you have crocodiles there too, don't you? I HATE THEM

  4. We currently live in Jacksonville FL and it's been raining every single day from 1pm-3 and some after showers lol. I do enjoy the time we get to be outside but being from California this humidity is not so much fun! I wish there were mangoes falling from trees here, that would be a refreshing treat in this heat!

  5. How wonderful. Mangoes here in England are pale imitations of ripely picked Florida mangoes, hardly worth bothering with. But a ripe, just picked mango is a whole different thing. Delicious, lucky you.

  6. I love mangoes!! I miss eating them a lot, I live in Norway now and the ones I find don't look great, plus they have done a huge travel once they are here, so there's no way I'm buying them! You're a lucky girl!

  7. I would love a mango tree more than anything. I doubt it would survive in Minnesota, though. 😉 Looks like I need to add "Mango Tree" to my list of reasons to move somewhere warmere!

  8. How I would adore having a mango tree in my yard. But I could never stand the heat in Florida, even for a tropical fruit tree! Glad mangoes are there to make your summer worth it though. 🙂

  9. YUM. Mangoes remind me of the years I lived in Puerto Rico. Your blog makes me want to move back! The tropical weather, the sand, the sun.

  10. It's pretty crazy the abundant of mangoes we get in my neighborhood as well. Random people will come to pick from our neighbors ginormous mango tree – even the neighborhood animals love them! But I would have to agree with you – this summer is extra hot, muggy and rainy.

  11. I miss mangoes! My neighbor had a tree we were allowed to pillage growing up. You never see them up here.