Out of 10 photos alex quickly snapped– these were the best two. The first one she looks like she’s going to whack me. And the second like I’m going to hurt her. When really, the only thing we were both trying to do is get rid of all the crazy swarming mosquitos! Note to self: bug spray always. Note to self and to reader: I will never be in photos (unless marlowe takes them), this is why. 

It was a weird moment for me when I realized we were a family with a kid— a real kid. I mean, we’ve been a family for a while now, and it’s been awesome. But on a day of finally giving myself a real break— (this must be a month ago now), I realized whoa— we’re driving somewhere to go do family things. Of course we do things, like parks, picnics, gardens, the beach— but something like mini golf?— It just seems so different. It felt like my childhood. It felt out of our norm, but it didn’t feel completely crazy either. So I can’t help but wonder is it out of our norm, or is it just that she’s growing? Does that make any sense? It’s so cool and so scary to see her getting so big. 
I ask her all the time, “will you do me a favor and please stop growing?” And she tells me, “no, I’m going to keep growing. I’m going to be a grown up” and she’s right. And really, I’m excited for it. And I’m nervous for it. But she’s a pretty cool kid. And this family stuff, it’s fun too. Though I’ll tell you, I don’t actually like mini golf— at all. But I’ll do it for her, now and forever.

On the topic of parenting and Marlowe growing— I’m kidless for the next few days while Marlowe enjoys Disney world and whatever else Orlando has to offer. She’s up there with my dad, step mom, my half brother, and some of our long lost Canadian family. Okay fine, they’re not long lost, but it sort of feels that way with them living all the way in Canada. Ya know, ay?

This will be the longest that Marlowe will be away from the house— ever. Even when Alex and I were separated, she wasn’t away this long. Not ever. It’s scary letting go. I miss her after one day at Grandmas— but a few days in a row? Ooof. It will be hard. I’m happy for her though— she’s deserves all the fun in the world after this summer. The poor thing has been mostly stuck in here while I work. This is her break, her fun, she’s earned it. And for me, this is my chance to work, without interruptions. When she get’s back— she’s in for a second treat— some of the people I love most in the world will be coming here— a trip planned forever ago— long before I signed up for this cookbook. I’m looking forward to a few days where my main goal is to enjoy my family and our friends— and try to capture as many family photos as possible, because we need more of those. Mango farms here we come? I think so. Nicolle asked what to pack. I told her a rain jacket. Mango farms in the pouring rain? Sounds like an adventure to me.

Oh and speaking of growing. Check out this old post. Jeez, we all look different. 


  1. One of my best preggo memories is mini golfing – so difficult and silly with the belly! Can't wait for the cookbook, mama 🙂

  2. haha Canada's not that far! My parents winter in Florida every year – it's just a quick 3 hours flight.

    pssst, it's eh. not ay 😉

  3. Every time I read one of your blog posts, it messes with my decision to never have kids and makes me reconsider everything. <3

  4. I hope you both enjoy your time over the next few days. You've got so much to do and I'm sure the little one is living it up! 🙂

  5. We took our soon to be 5 year old mini golfing for the first time last week, he had a blast! Marlowe is getting so big! <3

  6. I beg my little one to stop growing every day too. haha! She's only a year and a half old so she just looks at me funny. lol I can't wait to do things like this with her when she's older. If we took her now she would probably just steal everyone's golf balls. lol