sleepy faces. morning light. new print. she’s so big. 



my big kid. 

art books and polka dot socks

pop up farm stand.

computer days.


color time

wrong settings make for purple lighting.

brunch picnics 


a girl after my own heart, symmetry. 

her new art corner.


  1. She is indeed looking big, and her hair is so long now. I love her little art corner, bet she does too. The bee plate is wonderful, I'm such a fan of bees. Nice to see the fried plantain again, we like that here too, having been introduced to it by you. Thank you! CJ xx

  2. Your little one is looking so big all of a sudden. Growth spurt recently? Sheesh.

    • I dunno man, it's like I turn around and boom she's three inches taller and I'm always confused to when it happened! haha.

  3. a brunch picnic sounds like basically the best thing ever.

  4. you guys are just plain adorable. few things: man, marlowe is getting so big and is still so darn beautiful!, i wish i had someone make food for me that looks as delicious as yours does and i just love her little art corner. I've actually been keeping my eye out for something JUST like that simple table and chairs for my daughter 🙂 -Misty

  5. love the little corner & those waffles made me hungry! i cannot wait for your cookbook. This is going to sound like a stalker but when i first found your blog i was so intrigued i spent the whole day at work catching up on your life! i felt like i stumbled up on this story & i missed out on so much!

  6. I'm going to FL in September…and I am fairly sure all I will do is sit on the beach and eat fruit. I can't wait!!!

  7. Pop-up farm stands are always exciting! Here in Dublin, there are a few that appear every now and then and it's so great to be able to buy local produce (and its so much cheaper too!). I find that produce is just so much more tasty when it comes fresh from the stands 🙂
    I love Marlow's little art corner! My siblings and I each had our own art space growing up and it was such a great place for us to be creative. I loved my little desk!
    ~ Samantha
    PS: I love your brunch photos…seriously cannot WAIT for your cookbook so I can try some of your recipes!