popup books.

discovering random tropical fruit stands.

alex made things on toast

sometimes when my mom asks for a photo of us, I send her crap like this. Love you mom.

I feel like this couch deserved it’s own proper “goodbye post’– but alas, it’s not getting one. Maybe two whole posts is enough posts about a thrift store floral couch? I really wanted to rip off the back fabric to make cushions, but felt bad tearing up something still useable. So instead, it’s Eric’s new fall asleep at work couch. He’s mom will be (probably tee-shirt) patching it up. I’m excited and nervous. goodbye couch, you were loved.

empty spaces can look so weird.

a couch theme. I half debated a full on floral couch post. you know what? I should. Another day.

carrot. broccoli. tomato. corn.

this is the face of a child who LOVES her mothers singing.

After over a year and a half of living in this house, we’ve got the built in lights to work. Hooray!

quiet daze

mexican table thrift store find. boom, what a score. (also, this room looks completely different now)

polka dots and puppy dogs

sleepy eyes, styes, and rainbows. love it all.
Welp friends, this post is scheduled to go up as our plane takes off— so fingers crossed it goes well— the post and the plane— ha ha ha? #grindingteethemoji #scaredofplanes #butforevertravelinganyway. We’re New Orleans bound and could not be more excited for a change of scenery and some good ole’ family time. Jerry the dog, jerry the fish, and our home will be safely loved and my posts will be scheduled (I think they’re good ones!) so all we have to do is enjoy ourselves and work on a family photo 😉
I’ll be posting a ton on instagram if you’re interested 🙂 🙂
Happy Monday!


  1. Im hoping for a post on what type of care you do for your hair, cause it is GORGEOUS! I joined the 'no poo' group and I have noticed differences already, but I understand that it takes time for your hair to completely recover from years of shampoo damage. I would love to hear your experience and methods you have tried for yours!

  2. Have a wonderful time Drea, I shall look forward to seeing the family photo. This time, surely? CJ xx

  3. Your couch and your daughter are fabulous! I really like the style of your home 😀
    xoxo Sydney at Twine Interiors

  4. hahaha! That's the same look my niece gives me if I sing along to Frozen!
    Marlow's drawing is adorable. Good choices!

  5. I've just started following your blog. Surprise tropical fruit stand sounds amazing, and your house is lovely!

    Have a great trip!

  6. Which child doesn't love their mum singing along to Frozen. I find myself singing the songs even when my daughters not at home 🙁