It’s absolutely crazy to me that this kid will be four in less than two weeks. When talking about her birthday this week, I said to Alex, “I planned to order a sewing machine, but it seems like a bit of an expensive gift to give a three—- four year old. I was thinking we could get her some art books and take her to pick out a bike.” And he replied, “A bike? Are we at the bike stage of life already? How did this happen?”

And we are. We’re at the point where the baby I once had is no longer a baby, not anywhere near it. And ten bucks guaranteed, the kid will be zooming by on a bike (sans training wheels) within the first day of picking it out. (She’s great on the ground like that— still not a swimmer, but some people are just better at some things and not others.). And 20 bucks guaranteed it’ll be the most obnoxious pink you’ve ever seen. It’s crazy how time zoomed by. I look at her sometimes and I see my baby. And others times, I look at her and I wonder, “who are you, when did you get so big?”

We’ve been busy making art over here. In the times that I’m not working on this blog space or fixing the last details on my book, I’m with her, creating. I’ve wanted these days from the very beginning— honestly it’s been maybe one of the only things that actually excited me about the idea of one day having children. I hoped for a time when I could share my love in creating with her– and it’s here. And I’m happy that she not only enjoys it, but embraces every aspect of it. Ten times out of ten, if you ask, she chooses an art project. In the past week or two we’ve done countless projects— but two of her biggest accomplishments have been a skirt (I helped her with that one) and a purse that she made all by herself. Give a toddler some fabric, scissors, and some glue, and it’s amazing the things they can come up with.


Near are the years where when she wants to choose what she likes and only what she likes— and as a mom, I have no choice but to embrace her love for pink, sparkles, and love for all things fashion (who am I kidding, those days are already here). She’s so proud of her self made ‘fashion-designed’ clothes and accessories and I’m happy she’s proud.

For a home so filled with basics— and clothes and shoes decades old, it’s pretty amusing to me to have a child who loves everything about clothes so much, but she does. And I love that she does. I love that in her world of art she’s discovered what she loves– and it never wavers, not this past year anyway 🙂 If at three years old, we decided our future, she’d be a fashion designer. When I think about the future, I don’t know what she’ll do or what she’ll want to be, but whatever it is she does, I’m sure it will be great. And I’ll be pretty surprised if it doesn’t involve (or revolve around) an artist eye. Four years old in two weeks and this girl is sweeter than I ever was and cooler than I imagined a kid could be. And if she one day become a fashion designer— well, expect rainbows. Always rainbows.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! We’re enjoying the slightly cooling weather and prepping for our first camping trip as a family! Actually, this will be the first time Alex and I camp together too! We’re all very excited 🙂 Happy monday!

*I have a whole post in drafts written about how I’m not a romantic or a gushy type and I’m certainly not (not usually anyway), but man oh man this girl has my heart held tight this week. If you guys do have recommendations for kid friendly sewing machines, please do email them my way. I swear I saw some years ago, but struggling to find some this time around. 


  1. Four is such a beautiful age. My little lady woke up this morning and told me,"I have a lot of work to do today, mom. Making bracelets, drawing pictures, writing notes." 🙂 saw this sewing machine on zulily this morning and thought of your post. Here's the link if you would like to look at it:

  2. So wonderful how you help her embrace creativity at such a young age. Your daughter is so beautiful and it's been wonderful watching her grow over the years reading your blog. I cannot believe she will be almost 4!! I remember when she was teeny tiny!!

  3. Can't believe she will be four. I remember when she was a baby! Love the idea of a bike for her birthday. You always pick out the most thoughtful gifts.

  4. So cute! My middle child turned four a couple weeks ago and that pink, sparkly "I'll dress myself thankyouverymuch" attitude isn't going anywhere, trust me! My little Emma HAS to wear pink somewhere in her outfit each day, and she refuses to wear anything except a skirt or dress.

    I think toddlers have an innate ability to imagine and create, and if we don't allow it to be expressed (at the very least), or if we don't nurture it (at the very best), that's when it subsides. Kudos to you, fellow mama — for not only allowing her to be her (even if it's a little embarrassing or frustrating at times), but for encouraging her to be her!

  5. So adorable! She is so creative already, especially for her age! I love posts like this, so I don't mind your gushy-ness, no need for a disclaimer at the bottom 😉

  6. Drea! That's incredible! I've been wondering what your plans are for school for Marlowe? I'm sure you'll share when you're ready. She's such a great kid and you and Alex are so good to her. xo

    • Oooh, school is something we're still trying to figure out. Because of her birthday she'll be going in pretty late— so for now, preschool here (we might send her a few days a week next year, because she keeps asking us) and late school start is what we have.

      <3<3<3 Happy weekend, Kaylan!

  7. I absolutely cannot wait for when I can create with my son, rather than just having 'my' projects and 'his' projects.

    • Its the best! Even this morning the first thing she says to me, "what kind of art project can we do?" haha.

    • Thats the one I have 🙂 I think. Well, it is, I don't know about size wise, should be though. Ill look! Thanks!

  8. Oh wow, what a sweetheart! I love your photos, they are absolutely gorgeous. Both my girls are really into carrying their purses around these days, usually toting stuffed animals 😉

  9. Oh lawd. My daughter is 18 months old (yeah, the last age I can talk about in terms of months, not years) and I'm so not ready for her to keep growing. WHAT?! I remember Marlowe being tiny. In diapers. Eating what Marlowe eats. Not… designing her own handbags and drawing rainbows!

    I'm so deep in denial these days it's not even funny. But this post made me cry – thanks. 😉 And happy almost birthday to you both!

    • haha, right? I used to see it with other blogs– I'm lil when did this kid get so big?! And now here is mine— almost four. So crazy. <3<3 You're so sweet!