i’d say this is a colorful morning. 

plant! we’ve been wanting to do this for-ev-er. happy to finally do it! adding more soon. hooray!

one year later, helping us to take down the butterfly sparkle party garland. holy smokes, she’s 4 this month. 

hi ho to sleepovers we go! 

getting out of the house— it takes a bit of effort in this heat, but we do it 🙂 

staying at the house. 

sometimes I find her like this— sitting by the radio, listening to music. No pictures, no moving screens, just her and the music. It makes me happy. Also, why she likes to bundle up so much is really beyond me. 

our lady dates, I love. 

bring your friend to work day. 

“omg mom. I’m so completely mortified. My boyfriend is here. I can’t believe you’re taking a picture of me right now.” aka. my scary future. 

will travel with plants. 

for like ever. 
also amusing: on the car ride over here I turn to alex, “isn’t it weird that people get married with someone and they choose to be with the same person, for like ever?!” His response, “yeah, drea thats called marriage.” Me, “I know, but thats still a crazy thing to think about.” Then we show up and he points and says, “look, it’s you! For like ever!” magical coincidence. 

I enjoy this. 


  1. Oh that pool…. how wonderful. I agree that's neat Marlow just sitting listening to music! I can't decide if it's more surprising or more expected because she's a kid.

  2. Your life is so colorful, pictures like that make me so happy! Thanks for doing these posts – they really make me appreciate what I have to enjoy in my life. Sometimes I'll honestly have a moment during the day where I'll think "this would be one of my Recently Enjoyed Things" lol…maybe that's weird, but thanks anyway 🙂 It's always good to just stop and enjoy a moment!
    ~ Samantha

  3. your craft room/corner, it's so organized!! all my stuff is shoved in drawers and requires a lot of digging to find what you need!