I mentioned Giftry to you guys a few months ago (or was it last month??)— and what a great resource it is for gift buying, saving, planning, not wasting, etc. it is! Giftry not only makes it easy to browse through gift ideas, but more importantly categorize the perfect gifts for the people in your life! And what’s even better than finding the perfect gifts for the people you love? Letting Giftry purchase those gifts for you! Yes, seriously. Giftry will purchase gifts off the winners’ giftry list up to a value of $1,000 for the grand prize winner, $250 for the 2nd place winner, and $100 for the 3rd place winner!
Want to enter?
CLICK HERE. Enter your email. Once you enter, you’ll receive more entries through social sharing options. That’s it!
*You have until December 1st to choose your prizes! That’s exactly one week, go! 
PS. If you’d like you can check out and follow my giftry lists HERE. And yes, I’m still adding my favorite (or current) rugs as I find them— you can see my rug giftry HERE 😉 

Happy Holiday shopping, everyone! 


  1. Just entered! I've got my fingers crossed…I'd never heard of Giftry but it looks like an amazing sight! I've been adding gifts to my list and I love it! Thanks for sharing, here's to hoping!
    ~ Samantha