Woo! A Tour! I really love room tours— my rooms and all room tours I stumble upon on the internet 🙂 I’ve been wanting to share these photos with you guys forever! Some of these photos I took of the space, but most of them were taken by Hannah for a bigger home tour that I hope to share with you guys soon. I already shared quite a bit on the process of this space— so I won’t talk much more about it. But if you want to see the before’s you can check them out HERE and check the in-between processing and thoughts HERE

So I ended up moving this elephant from the living room into this space (and removing the glass tabletop) after I scored big on a nice (and simple) mexican side table thrifting. I feel like this change made the living room feel a bit more “put together” while adding more white and fun to this room. And really, I don’t know if the elephant was Alex’s favorite thing— so it’s good to have him in here by my side. On top there are some cozy blankets for Marlowe to curl up with– and really, I guess Alex and I too, since sometimes I just make the shift from computer to couch when I’m done with my work— and it’s been really nice on the nights that Alex’s comes home when he pulls up a computer on the couch and watches food videos while I work 🙂

So, while I wanted this space to be a clean and beautiful guestroom— it also needed to be a really functional space too. We won’t be painting on the floor anymore— but we still do a lot of projects here so while there are a lot of aesthetically pleasing things you also see a lot of useful everyday things in this space too. 

I also really LOVE sitting on a couch or bed with my laptop— but after over-working myself with the cookbook project and a zillion other projects, I knew it was time to start using a real desk. So now I use my laptop and a writing tablet to get my work done. Why no mouse? I’m not sure. The sort of lefty sort of ambidextrous person that I am prefers to use my left hand for scrolling and my right hand for commands 🙂 

I accidentally ordered waaaaaay too many embroidery hoops one time– they were cheap enough and I guess I didn’t double check my cart– well, I ended up a lot. I don’t want to get rid of them because I Feel like the could be useful for future projects so I’ve simply reused them as peg board storage. I thought it was cleaver 🙂

this serendipity journal is seriously the nicest little book for positive and wishful thinking. It would be a cute gift for someone.

I’ll tell you, the closet is actually typically neater than this— but whatever. It’s not half bad here either. All the baskets are labeled with blue cards to whats inside, like “pom poms”, “sewing stuff”, “glue”, and whatever else. Cute kid craft alert: pom pom box. 

These shelves need work. Maybe one day. No rush, they’re nice enough. Also, I wouldn’t mind more plants in this space 🙂 Air-purifying indoor plant guide, anyone?

And that’s it! A small, functional, guest-friendly, and happy! After all my self pushing and pulling, I’m happy with how this space came out. This room is also the sunniest room in the house so it’s not that bad having to spend time in here! Guests welcome 🙂 

pull out couch: thrifted
elephant side table: thrifted
hanging stained glass
coffee table
floor pillows
dog bed
waste basket
oh dear banner
desk chair
wall mirror
woven journal
book of crap
“if you could not fail” pencil holder
“oh dear” garland
desk: eric made it a long time ago. I painted it white this year an changed the legs to something slimmer. see original desk: here.

(most) photos by: hannah mayo photography


  1. That's the most beautiful home office I've ever seen! The blue couch is perfect. It must be a quiet sanctuary for working late at night. I also love the fresh feeling that your office gives off. I'm sure work is always fun when you do it from there! Thanks for sharing your office. All the best to you! 🙂

    Orlando Nunez @ Office & Ergonomic Solutions, Inc.

  2. Hey Drea! I ended up finding the stained glass on Wayfair, so thank you! Question – where did you find the pegboard and hanging baskets? We just moved into an old house and the storage is…lacking – this is a fantastic idea!

  3. Hey, I so have the same mirror thing as you and I am all the way in SA! Random I know, also, your hair is looking bloody amazing! xoxo

  4. What a lovely room, you have a sure touch for making a beautiful home. I love the little plants dotted about, a great finishing touch. Good job Drea! CJ xx

  5. I love the space and love the red lipstick! What brand do you use? I know you did a vegan makeup post but I find it particularly difficult to find paraben-free lip colors…help?
    ~ Samantha

    • this is gross—- but I own two lipsticks— each of which are maybe + years old. I should probably throw them out– but there's still color there! I'd recommend trying out the lush brand ones. I went in the store the other day and regret not buying one!

  6. I love this little space so much. That chandelier gives me heart eyes. And I wish I could find a little bed like that! (also, I have a special affection for the "Oh, Dear" banner. 😉 I love your room tours!

  7. I absolutely love your decorating style. And I'm jealous of your wool collection. Are those dream catchers about to be made?

    • they were! now I'm waaaay too busy for those sort of thigns— until marlowe is old enough to do it too so we can do it together ; )

    • thanks! I don't use it to type! I use it instead of a track pad— especially for things like scrolling through lots of photos or editing photos 🙂