bread soup, extra tomatoes. 

sweet potato, kale, potato &corn hash

bagel, topped with tofutti, avocado, shredded carrots

noodle soup: packed with tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, and seaweed. It was random and not awful. similar recipe: HERE

extra green pasta

pinto bean, white rice, and avocado taco.

garden greens (tatsoi) with sherry vinaigrette, and chickpea patties. 

tatsoi again (sorry alex, for cutting them too earlier 😉 pinto beans, and roasted carrots and honey for dipping. 
she didn’t eat the carrots*

orange zested pancakes with coconut whipped cream and mango. 
I’ve been trying hard to get her to experiment with food cooked in different styles. she’s not awful to eat at restaurants with, but I’d like her to be more open to trying new food cooked in different ways. Sometimes it’s easy and she’s happy to try and sometimes she won’t even taste something. I figured Id start with something simple: carrots. The girl is happy to eat them raw, but roasted, boiled, or steamed? forget it. She didn’t eat these. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve forever grateful that my kid loves raw carrots— but I figured I’m going to keep striving for more. After all, I’d like her to be on master chef junior by the time she’s six 😉 Unlike Marlowe, I prefer carrots roasted— deeply roasted— basically burnt— and wouldn’t you know, her way of eating them is healthier than mine anyway 😉 What about you, roasted or raw?


  1. Ummm. I am just amazed that your kid eats all this! I have been struggling to feed my two year old for a long time. He will eat fruit all day long but never a vegetable unless it's hidden in one of those baby food pouches. I'm going broke from buying those pouches! But at least he's getting something. Oi. Love these posts, hoping to glean some tips from them!

  2. I love roasted carrots… roasted anything really. Alas, I can't seem to get my toddler to eat roasted carrots either, or raw for that matter. I'm amazed at what a good eater Marlowe is – you clearly started her off right!

  3. My little girl last loves steamed broccoli! She practically inhales it. That and corn. She doesn't care for raw veggies but will eat most, sometimes with a lot of persuasion, if it is cooked.

  4. Definitely roasted, but my littlest boy who's 6 likes most of his vegetables raw. The rest of us have them cooked, he has a pile of raw things and he's happy as a clam. CJ xx

  5. I'm all about the steamed veggies. I love biting into a nice, hot, juicy broccoli – and definitely with ya on carrots! That sweet potato, kale, potato & corn hash looks amazing. I wish I could eat like Marlowe out at school…if only I had my own kitchen!
    ~ Samantha

  6. So funny, I can get Finley to eat 100% of vegetables if they are cooked, he hates raw carrots. He also won't eat salad greens- go Marlowe!