As I mentioned thursday, I want to give a big high five to food bloggers who blog recipes consistently  all while creating cookbook! Seriously, that’s an intense job. For me, the recipes, the photos, the stories, and the entire manuscript was turned in long ago, but I obviously haven’t been posting recipes in that time— or even after! It was just too much. It sort of felt like a relief when I turned it in, sort of not. For me, I think it’ll take a book in my hands to feel accomplished.

So when does the book come out? Well that’s still not finalized. It is now 3 or 4 months(?) since my turn in date and now that the book has had a good go-over and edit, it is now my job again to go through all 55,000 – 57,000 words. The whole thing has sort of taken over christmas and my family time and pulled me back into “can’t leave desk” mode, but I know it all means I’m one step closer to having a final book finished. There’s a tentative August, late summer release date. But there is also a slim chance of the book being held until the following Christmas season— because well, Holidays are always an extra incentive to buy. For me, yes, I’d like to have it out sooner, rather than later (think months ago, haha), but at this point, I’m not completely against a later release date either. I’m kind of just in a mode where I stare at this computer and think “whatever happens will happen”— because that’s all I can think, you know? Not bad, not good, just let it go.

I’m sure I’ll go into more details later— but for now— I want to let it be known, beyond the recipes, I’ve included a lot of guidance sections. Tips on feeding toddlers and kids and tips on feeding yourself. My passion for food keeps growing, but beyond that, my passion for sustainable farming keeps growing. I want to see more changes, and I know that if we all make small changes in the way we look at food, we can create big changes together. This thought and the thought of kids moving away from boxed, sugary foods is my driving force. Real, organic food, it’s good for our farmers, earth, and our guts and soul. 
Lately, I just keep thinking, ‘I have this blog– and it’s pretty cool, but what more can I do to improve on my life and this world’ I have so many circling thoughts on this. I’m scared of big ideas. I like to manage small ideas and let them grow. And well, I know this is getting ramble-y, you guys know I’m good at that, but I’m hoping to find a way to no longer fear the big thoughts in front of me. I feel like all the steps I’ve taken in this last year and all the plans I have already set for next year are all moving me into the same, colliding direction. Or I hope so anyway. Right now, even though I’m still struggling to balance this overly busy editing time of the year, I feel as if all my steps had a purpose. And while many details of this year may not have been planned by myself, it still feels like they came together for a reason. Even on the days that I feel like I’m drowning, I feel better than I’ve ever felt before— and I’ve got to say, that’s a pretty good way to end this year. 
In just a few more days, I turn this book in once again, then there will be another editing process, then a design process, and probably a few more details in between. I hope you’ll like this cookbook, though I’m tempted to call it more of a guide– because I hope you take away from it, more than just recipes, but also, a revived way to look at food and an accompaniment to grow. I’m sure I’ll have many more thoughts on the New Year (like I always do), but for now, know that I’m editing away at this book once more, breathing in and out each day, and very grateful for this challenging time and year. 
Other life lately notes: 
-My family and I did/are doing a gift free Christmas. It feels SO good. 
-Marlowe is hysterical and nurturing. I seriously could not have asked for a better kid.
-Waylon is huge, sweet, but annoying.
-I have to check to see if Jerry the dog and Jerry the fish are still breathing– sometimes I worry that they’re not. 
-I’m doing a three day juice cleanse this/next week? I’m nervous, it’s been a while!
-Yoga is awesome. I’m so happy I started it up again. I’m getting stronger.
-It was bad planning (or awesome?!) planning on my part, but there’s another recipe up next. But hey, it’s a healthy one! It’s really good, guys! 
-Alex is on his way home, I think I shall drink a glass of wine with him (it’s currently 1 am)
-I’m looking forward to many, many things. 
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! 


  1. Yay for yoga! At home or in studio? I just got certified and have been teaching a few months and it's wonderful. So good for the mind and body. Can't wait for your cook book!

  2. im so excited for your book. Im especially nervous about feeding my 9 month old now once shes off the boob.

  3. I can't wait for your Cook Book to come out. I love seeing the foods you post. I am trying to change both mine & my son's diet because 1. we eat horribly [I work soo much so therefore it's so much easier to get fast food or some junk] & 2. my son is a picky eater so I would be even more comfortable knowing that the food he "picks" are at least healthy. I love your blog.

    Love Mandi.

  4. Im so excited for your Cook book! I'll definitely buy one seeing as I'm always on your blog for recipes!!! Hahaha! You are very inspiring, Drea! Good luck with everything.


  5. I often look at your blog and your journey and think that you'll end up doing something pretty amazing for the things that you believe in, like sustainable farming and healthy ethical food. I definitely have the feeling that you are going somewhere, doing something, that you will make a difference. You never fail to inspire me Drea. Good luck with the book editing, I hope it goes smoothly. CJ xx

  6. I love this post. And you. And I'm hoping some of that positive energy of yours will rub off on me!

  7. It sounds like things are going so well for you Drea! I can't wait for your cookbook, it's going to be amazing!
    ~ Samantha