morning tea

that awkward moment…..

winter weather

coloring days.

rainy harvesting.

out past her bedtime.

hey, i love you too. 

so much green.

every night I find her asleep under a book (or five).
(maggie and the sprinkle tree)

hey jer. 

my favorite people. an oldie from thanksgiving, but worth sharing. 

the moon, hey there.


  1. What a wonderful life. I love the tickles and the "favorite people" picture. How simple but joyful.

  2. Oh that Jer, he takes a good photo too, I'd forgotten what a cutie he is. I love the picture of all the green, especially that hanging fern. Lots of colouring here as well. We had a winter beach day today. It didn't look quite the same as yours though… CJ xx

  3. I enjoyed these photos! That coloring book is amazing. So is the quilt on your bed ????

    P.S I've always wondered what the front of your home looked like… does it have a porch? Please do share 🙂