Last week (or two weeks ago now?) I shared with you Easy Tips to Start Yoga— well, not me, Brandy did. But either way, I hope you guys liked it! I know many of the tips were helpful for even myself to start 🙂  This week, I’m excited to share with you 5 Simple Tips to Create A Better Life— which Alex(andria—- not to be confused with husband, Alex) put together. She admitted that many may have been inspired by my How to Have a Good Life post— which definitely works for me, since that post has been the most loved post— on my whole entire blog (didn’t see that one coming!). One tip, I’ve mentioned before a few times– but the other four are non money related– and just really good common sense helpful tips. I think it’s always good to have a reminder, whether we know the tips or not. Ya know? I really like sharing these types of posts on this space. Mostly ones that I practice myself, and also tips that I can’t offer you myself (like most of the yoga ones). I hope you like these posts as much as I do! Looking for more how to tips? Check out this how to section 🙂

ps. Alexandria is a complete doll. Seriously, We’ve emailed back and forth multiple times– through other companies she’s work with and for ohdeardrea. And she’s always been awesome. If you ever need some sort of online assistant or email marketing badass, she’s a great person to talk to! 🙂 Check out her site: HERE!


Hello! I’m Alex from Midland Reach. I currently reside in Springfield, MO, where I graduated from Evangel University with a business degree. I’ve been working with creatives since I interned at A Beautiful Mess. Between working on a décor team in college and my internship, I realized how much I love working with creatives and developing strategies in business and marketing.  It then led to my own little blog and business helping creatives, bloggers, and small businesses in general. If you need help with creating building a sponsorship program or managing your marketing, I’d love to talk! Or if you just want to talk, that’s cool too 🙂

With the New Year brings the sounds of improvement and change. These big, new plans can be good to bring in our lives but are often followed by disappointment and lack of success.  So maybe the solution isn’t to “lose 15 pounds” or “cut out Netflix cold turkey.” Maybe we can make small changes in life that will result in more happiness, love, and energy!

1. Create Self Awareness. Not in a weird way, but learning about yourself helps you to become a better, more intentional person.  In business, before you even start working or developing a business idea, you create your core values, mission statement, and vision.  After learning about the importance of these values to create a strong business plan, I thought why don’t I do that to create a better person? You don’t have to write a fancy mission statement, but even writing down the things / people that are most important to you and keeping it somewhere visible can allow you to make better, more intentional choices. Here’s a short look at my list (my actual list is more detailed, but this gives you an idea): My relationships (God, family, and friends), being able to relax through reading and movies (see it can be kind of silly and totally tailored to you), traveling, and creating with my fiancé, integrity, communicating.  Anytime I making a new decision, I consider how my choice will affect those things that are important to me.

2.  Purge. The minimalist movement is high and mighty these days, and I can’t say I haven’t joined the wave. Regardless, I don’t think you have to be a minimalist or get rid of every dear thing you own, but eliminating waste and excess help you feel freer!  Take a day (or two) to go through your house and  clean up your stuff:

  • Throw away or donate anything that you haven’t used for over a year (exceptions include: toilet plunger and vacuum)
  • Doubles of unnecessary items (do you really need BOTH toilet plungers?)
  • Create a “maybe” pile and for one month make yourself use those things / clothes / whatever it may be. If after a month you still have no need – pitch them!

3. Say no and yes. Everyone says to learn to say no. Which is true, don’t overcommit and spread yourself to thin. Allow yourself to have the opportunity to be “bored.” Say no to the commitments that don’t align with your values.  Say yes to commitments that do add real value to your life. 
4. Buy less. Be mindful of what you are purchasing. Do you really need more scarves? Instead, use money for the things you truly want / need. Save money for trips and experiences with those you love. 
5. Unsubscribe / stop comparing. Social media is like the crazy aunt that won’t stop visiting. You have to spend time with her, but sometimes you’d just like a break. Social media can be great for creating and maintaining relationships, but it can also turn into a wormhole of information, people, and things – which in turn can clutter and distract your mind. Find the people you really want to follow and that you gain from then unsubscribe from the rest. Then stop comparing. People don’t have perfect lives – it’s literally a fact. And let’s be real, if they always posted weird depressing things, you’d want to stop following them. So yes, take the good for what it is and count your blessings when you feel the green monster.  And then remember to be transparent yourself, you don’t have to share grim life details but there are ways to remind people you aren’t perfect and are totally relatable as well. 
 I’m definitely trying to take my own advice here. I sometimes (lots of times) get caught up in things and life and people and then think what is going on!? I’m learning to simplify and be mindful of the choices I make daily. Hopefully, these little tips create some happiness and change in your life! I’d love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas as well!

photo by ohdeardrea. post by alexandria wade for ohdeardrea


  1. I definitely think purging is the best place to start: sometimes old junk, clutter, and even old ideas (mental purge!) get in the way of our ability to move on with our lives. Great post!
    ~ Samantha