So I’ll start off by telling you, that as you’re reading this, I’ll be sailing off in the Caribbean. Yes, I’m excited. It’s amazing. I know. No seriously, the best way to enter the New Year, right? I didn’t even celebrate New Years eve. I offered to baby sit my niece (best aunt ever, I know) instead, because I figured I would be heading off to celebrate on the ocean with some of my favorite ladies (and a Marcus too) and that would definitely be a big enough party 🙂 If you want to follow along on the ocean adventure, you can always follow along on the ohdeardrea instagram 🙂

So a week before I re-turned in my manuscript, I decided to take a much needed family day. We headed downtown to the market, ate popsicles, had coconuts, sat by the water, snapped photos—- you know, the good stuff. Later met up with my brother and his family, ate tacos, and shared a pitcher of margaritas, where I sadly got day drunk off of one drink. I pretty much stopped drinking this year, so I just can’t hang anymore. One drink and I’m done. Anyway, the weather was beautiful and it was just a wonderful day to do nothing with the people I love most.

not into it. whatever, marlowe.

how we build snowmen in Florida. 

Theres this thing that my family does now– where it’s a constant joke about starting a blog about my blog— and all pictures of me taking pictures of things. Pictures of Drea’s pictures– or something. So here’s that.


my brother snapped one of me and this nugget. love her. easiest kiddo I know. 
…and of course there is a foraging, plant crazy alex in the background. 

M and I are bumming Alex couldn’t join us for the trip. Especially since we haven’t seen much of him this season— but I know he’ll be enjoying his quiet time while we’re away. I expect a very well rested husband and an extra beautiful garden when we get back.  (We love you babe! More days like this soon!)

We’ll be back in the country next week— but no worries, I have lots of posts lined up for this week 🙂 &don’t forget to follow along on instagram 🙂 Bon Voyage! 


  1. You look lovely in your shift dress. Could you do a post on how you keep your home so tidy and pretty?

  2. You always have the loveliest photos.

    I thoroughly enjoy looking at them!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Oh lucky you. I have a friend in Jamaica and I dream of visiting her there one day. I hope you have a really wonderful time Drea. CJ xx

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets drunk off one drink now! It's a bit embarrassing to admit you're such a lightweight but babies and breastfeeding will do that I guess. LOVE your dress! Have a great time away, I'll be following along on Insta for sure!

  5. I LOVE days full of nothing with great people. They're the best!! Great captures… and I love the idea of a blog about your blog. Hilarious!

    Where is that dress from? It's perfection!

  6. I need to move to Florida! Such a different world there, the things they offer. Beaches, coconuts, weather warm enough to get out in. That would be the life! Have a great and safe trip to the Caribbean, you are so lucky! I will be sure to tag along on your instagram!

    Heather Gendron

  7. Day drunk off one drink is the best kind of drunk there is. Much more budget friendly, and no hangover. I don't see how this is a bad thing? Also, those are the best snowmen ever.