Ahhh! We’re back home! And even though it’s currently pouring rain, we’re happy to be here. I mean, I’d prefer sun, but it’s florida! It’s moist— alllll the time. We’re looking forward to getting back to our favorite activities, seeing our friends, and of course: seeing Alex! I can’t wait to share all our trip photos with you guys— though really, it may take a while to go through them all! I had very limited internet while away, so if you sent an email— well, I’m sorry, I’ll get to it soon! But for now— I’m going to relax, because boy, my head is swaying! This are all photos from before our trip, hope you enjoy 🙂 Happy monday, friends!

I’m a sucker for these masks. Hoping to collect one or two this year! 

oh dear waylon. 

a girl and her coconuts. She’s a pirate fairy, if you’re wondering 😉 

marlowe was here. 

and here, haha. 

when your new mug accidentally matches the rug. whoa, talk about unplanned magic. 

she went to the zoo with my brother and came back with french fries for me/us/me/. Thats love. 

giant leaf fun. 

she’s the best. 

the time I did a three day juice cleanse… it was good! 

she prepped her shoes for the trip by herself. 

a ham. 


  1. Can I ask where you got your "giant leaf fun" vases? I love the teardrop look. Thanks!

  2. Dear little Waylon, he looks like a girl's best friend. I love the picture of Marlowe in pink in amongst the palm trees – lovely. And I of course knew instantly that she was dressed as a pirate fairy in the picture with wings. CJ xx

  3. Pictures are beautiful as always! I especially like the one of Marlowe with the French Fries. Gorgeous lighting!