You know, I wrote this post about learning how to sunday quite a few months ago— I was really aiming to declutter my life from the *need to do this* feeling. I go in and out of feeling the need to slow down and feeling the need to push to take on everything. But this month, for whatever reason, I feel like I’ve finally be able to get a hold of myself and realize I don’t have to say yes to everything. Okay, fine, I’m still mostly saying yes to almost everything, but not 100% like usual. The photos in todays post are actually from two weekends ago now— the first weekend where we really just chilled out as a family. In one weeks’ time, we’ve celebrated both my mother in law’s and my step mothers birthday, we’ve had a countless number of people over, we threw a party, had a family date, and had a kid-free couple day and night date, we’ve deep cleaned (twice) and re-organized the house (spent a good 15 minutes deciding where a dog bed should go– not kidding), and I’ve somehow still mostly been able to keep up with everything I typically need to. I’m not sure how it all seemed to magically come together this month, but it has— and really, I’m sort of proud of myself for it. Even Alex turned to a friend of mine this week and said “she hasn’t worked in two whole days, it’s been amazing.”

If this is any indication of how this year will be, well, I’m excited. I know there will be ups and downs during the year. And I know I will have moments of sheer panic, wondering how will I accomplish everything and more– but right now is good. I feel like I took a chill pill, with little side effects— other than an inbox that never stops. I hope you guys are enjoying the flow of this blog– I am lately. Like anything else, good weeks and questionable weeks happen, but overall, a real vibe with a good mix of daily life, adventure, and always food and color. I might add a few extra posts throughout the week– just because (but don’t hold me to that) and I do want to bring up awareness on some more serious issues too— hopefully thats okay 🙂 I’m taking big plans and breaking them into little pieces to build a positive life and hopefully somehow accomplishing some real good– and I’m doing it while somehow spending real, much needed time with all the people I love most.

stole this picture from claudia— and gave her pizza to trade? 🙂

a photo of myself by claudia that I somehow don’t mind.

I hope you’re all having an amazing week. I can’t wait to share with you guys so many posts! Like the sparkle party, duh ;)ps. I’m currently sitting in my office that is a complete mess— and still absolutely covered in glitter. I do have plans to get to it this week 😉
pps. I’m really happy that we have a home where so many people drop by (I’m more than happy to feed all of you, stop feeling bad about it– you know who you are).


  1. I was so glad to read that last bit about the sparkle party photos! I couldn't help but wonder about them the whole time I was reading the post today. What can I say….I LOVE SPARKLE. haha 🙂

  2. I struggle with wanting to do all the things and needing to slow way down too. At 38 weeks pregnant I'm sort of on an enforced slow and wouldn't you know it, the creativity and ideas are flowing more than ever. I'm sure it's related. Now I just need to work out how to maintain the slow with two kiddos!

  3. I've been extra-loving your blog lately! I can't put my finger on why, but I suppose you know the reason. Skirts as shirts = super cute (only 3-4 year olds can pull that off). Your backyard looks so cozy! I would love to learn more about sustainability, if you're taking suggestions (like, which products/stores to buy from?)

  4. I always so enjoy reading your posts! Your home looks so dreamy and it makes me very excited for our spring break trip to Miami. I need more color in my life, the mid west has very little. Also I get the chill pill part. I've been slowing down and yet somehow still adding more work to my load but loving it all. Yoga has helped mellow my mood for sure, if I could just get my three kids to take yoga and mellow to, hahaha. Thank you

  5. It sounds like things are going so well for you, Drea, I'm happy for you!
    I like the concept of "Taking big things and breaking them into small pieces" – wow is that a great way even to look at so many aspects of my time here at college…it puts things in a new perspective and makes everything seem much more "do-able". Thanks!
    ~ Samantha

  6. It sounds as though life is going swimmingly for you all, I'm so very glad, you work so hard and it is all very so well deserved. The photo of you taken by Claudia is absolutely gorgeous, you look happy and serene. Enjoy the rest of the week Drea. CJ xx