picnics with our favorite sandwiches
picnic blanket HERE

she took hers to go.  

the view from where I cook. 

the guy on the right has the right idea. 

ocean glass. 

plants &coffee. 

coffee and coffee. 

sensitive eyes have the best of me (or a glitter incident, whatever) she’s cute though, worth posting. 

mornings with the dudes. 

these girls. 

the cutest dress up lady. 

fun house mirror in a park.

chilly days with the pup.

marlowe and the sound suit.


  1. Chilly days? Surely not! I love the green leafy plant, and the fun house picture of you all together. It's a good one. Enjoy the rest of your week Drea. CJ xx

  2. I'm loving each photo, Drea. Not only the colour you're famous for and the sweet four year old face but this beautiful happy vibe jumping off of each of them.
    Have a great day and fabulous trip pretty soon. Can't wait to see India through your eyes xx