A few days before heading off to india we had ourselves a little brunchday. We actually have ‘brunchday‘ quite a bit these days. I love our morning times together. I do wish our days started earlier— and maybe one day they will—– but if I’m completely honest with myself, then I know, we’ll never be early risers. Brunchday instead than breakfast will always be the norm. But for now, until Marlowe is in school, it seems to work though.Unless we’re all feeling very energetic or theres just that special mood in the air, our mornings stay the same, quiet at home, in the yard, or at a market. It was a busy time last year, but I’m happy to say that this year, has been good. Busy at times, especially with me knowing that I’m be leaving— so it’s been good to just take in more quiet home time.

a collection of electronics to pack. and yoobi goods for the school we’ll be visiting.

On this day, it was simple. I pulled myself out of bed— feeling like a truck had run me over in my sleep. Which— well, isn’t uncommon. My sleep is rough still! I had been fighting off the germs that have been floating around south florida— while saying hell to that painful visitor, Aunt Flo. And well, I was grateful for all of it. Knowing, I would get through the germs and the pain and not have  the extra worry while I was away? Another good thing to check off the checklist, I’d say.  I woke up to a box of gorgeous succulents and a bag or gigantic air plants— much better than roses for sure— though I’d always take flowers too 😉  Marlowe moaned at the idea of more plants— but I know she really doesn’t mind them at all.

For brunch we had bread— made the day before by Alex. With fried plantains, avocado, and herbs. A favorite for all of us for sure and actually the last brunchday I wrote about.  We’ve each determined this separately, and agreed to it together— and easy favorite. While Alex prepped everything, I went through the house, pulling together the items I’d need to pack for my trip. I tried on a loaned dress from India and Marlowe looked at me, stated I was beautiful, and said she wanted to look beautiful too. She’s always beautiful of course, but no amount of words seem to explain that to her when she has a dress on the mind. I offered to dress her in her favorite “fancy” dress from Pakistan, and she was happy.

(a permanent crown that had completely fallen off my tooth— thanks for nothing, dentist)

After Alex left for work, the rest of the day was spent folding laundry, packing, cleaning, watching cooking shows on the computer, and having friends drop by. I wanted to run out and take care of errands, but by the time I was ready for that, cuddling in bed with Marlowe just seemed so much better. And it was.

I’m looking forward to our next brunchday.


  1. I love the idea of brunch. I don't usually eat for three or four hours after I get up, so brunch would be the perfect solution. Marlowe looks so sweet in her special dress. CJ xx