I’ve decided the decision to if I should do a food how to post, should be decided on someones reaction when I show them how to do something. The moment I surprise my friends, or better yet, Alex with a simple tip or trick, well then, I know I should do a post on it. Like always, some you may know, but many you may not!That being said—- if you’ve always loved pomegranate, but HATED picking out the seeds— well, then, your welcome for saving years of your life.

you’ll need: 
a sharp knife, a medium to large bowl, a large spoon— I like to use the wooden variety 😉

how to:
1. place pomegranate sitting with the stem up and slice in half.
2. with a bowl underneath, take one half of pomegranate and turn over so skin is up and seeds are down.
3. grab your wooden spoon and wack the crap out of it.
4. watch all the juicy seeds splatter into the bowl, very easily, and celebrate.
5. send cards or gifts as a thank you.

looking for a good and easy recipe for your seeds? Try THIS one 🙂



  1. So easy yet very helpful for those of us who didn't think of this straight away!! 🙂


  2. well now i've got to go spend all my money on pomegranates now that I know how to de-seed them without making my hands bright pink for days!

  3. I tried this trick once, but i didn't think it was that easily, but i'll try it again, maybe i did it wrong haha. And i LOVE pomegranate too, but i also hate to picking out the seeds, so i hope this will make it easier, so i'll eat it more often haha!

    Miss Renate