Today I am 30 years old. As I write, I’m sitting in the the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Halfway home from India. I went into my 30th year in the best of ways—-  journeying through the most incredible experience with the most incredible people.
On my last day in India I squealed through tight alleys via rickshaw ride. I enjoyed lunch with flowers around my neck and in my hands. With teeth clenched together and a big fearful smile,  I squealed harder than I thought I could, while Lisa and driver screamed happy birthday en route back to hotel on “india’s helicopter” an open ‘speedy’ tuk tuk—- on the highway— believe it or not, one of my favorite moments of the trip (and happy to have shared it with Lisa). I enjoyed a massage courtesy of one of the sweetest girlfriends I have. And I had an amazing last dinner with 12 other women who I wish I was still with right now. I departed for the hotel with an amazing new friend (vegan feasting in California here we come). And with happy tears in my eyes, I smiled SO big as our driver Rahul, pointed to the dark streets and proclaimed, “look there, an elephant. And that is why we call it ‘incredible india'”—- and it was in fact, incredible. Our first elephant sighting of the trip. Our last magical moment before arriving to the airport to make this 20+ journey home. The longest birthday of my life, my 30th. In twelve hours I will smothering my family with kisses, hugs, and colorful gifts. I’m on the slight verge of tears at the airport, but I am grateful. Grateful for all I have. Dear year thirty, I give you permission to continue being badass.
Thanks for being here— and thanks for following along on this old lady’s journey 😉


  1. I hope your 30th year holds so much goodness in store for you!
    Thanks for sharing bits of your journey! I've enjoyed following along here and on instagram.

  2. I hope you had an absolutely fantastic birthday….it most certainly sounds like you did! I think you are an INCREDIBLE woman and you'll never get old 🙂 Keep inspiring, Drea!
    ~ Samantha

  3. Happy birthday to you, Drea. May today and every day be the happiest for you and your family.
    I'm happy to be experiencing tidbits of your life with you. Safe journey home, my friend xx

  4. Happy birthday, Drea! What an amazing way to start your thirties. So happy to have your blog and writings in my life. 🙂

  5. Happy birthday!! What an amazing way to ring in a new decade. I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I can't wait until you are home with your 3 babies and husband eating pizza and then posting a million photos of your trip!

  7. Happy birthday Drea, I hope you have a wonderful day and another really fantastic year. The photo of you in front of the Taj Mahal is absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad you had such an amazing trip. Have a safe journey home, I shall look forward to hearing all about your time in India. Sending you a birthday hug, CJ xx