I get quite a few requests for this post— which I totally don’t mind at all. I love Marlowe’s room. It’s easy to clean— and even though it’s pretty full of toys, it stays pretty put together and nice 🙂 If you haven’t seen our cleaning post yet, I’d probably recommend checking out this post: on keeping a clean home. Many of the tips fold right over onto this post– but you’ll find a bit more special details on our kid-friendly set up here that will hopefully help answer questions.So first off, which I mentioned in my clean house post, it’s super important to get kids involved as young as you can. Kids learn by example. Teach them young the importance of a tidy house and they’ll grow into it that concept as the norm. Marlowe is the same as she was a year ago and two years ago— she’s a tiny neat freak like Alex and myself. She asks to spray down her art table. She has no complaints about cleaning up. And each morning she either makes her bed herself or comes in and asks if we can help her do it. Her room has A LOT of little details, but it’s all easy enough for her to organize herself, so there’s no reason to not have it kept tidy.

Keep a balance. Honestly, her closet side is a bit too cluttered for me, but the other side of her room is pretty uncluttered and easy on the eyes. This balance helps. We have a dresser for her clothes. On top we have a rarely used dollhouse, that she can just ask us to reach when she needs it.Use every space. When we moved into the house, all the closet doors were busted. No big deal, we put curtains up in our bedroom and guest room while Marlowe’s closet became an extra play space. It’ll have to change as she grows taller, but for now it fits her play kitchen perfectly. To the right of her kitchen, a wicker bag filled with dress up clothes. Above hangs her (non tutu non princess) clothes. And above that, an extra storage space for linens, blankets, and her sleeping bag. There’s also a little lace curtain that we use to hide the clothes a little bit more and help the space look a tad less cluttered.

Under the bed storage. We chose a slightly taller bed (similar bed), it was built to have trundle under, which we could add later if we needed, but for now: storage. Whether it’s baskets, or bins, or drawers, under the bed space is great for extra items. I mean, what else is going to be under there? Just dust bunnies. They look nice and they add a pop of color to our space (we need more color, right?) Another perk: it’s SO easy to clean everything up. Just grab the right basket and toss everything in there. Voila!Just be sure you measure the bed height before ordering storage options!

day bed
her tassel garland
similiar tapestry/curtain
yellow canopy

two foot blue and wicker basket, great for corners
soft dusk basket, perfect for under a bed
set of two blue wicker baskets, one for toys, one for play clothes.
love this white tower storage basket.
in copper or silver too.
another colorful woven basket, perfect for under the bed.
a collection of fair-trade handwoven baskets.

Hide some things too. There’s no shame in wanting certain things tucked away. Marlowe’s little doll bed is cute, but the size and all the little pieces do tend to make the space feel more cluttered. It’s floated around to a few spots in her room, but finally has landed next to or behind the door. She can pull it out when she wants to use it and tuck it back away when she’s done.

Personal space. Another thing that tends to clutter up a space is all the tiny little do-dads. But tiny little do-dads are a kids best friend! Her shelf now stores all her favorite little girly items. Sometimes it gets a little sloppy, but hey, she’s still a kid. She stores her hair clips in her jewelry box and her jewelry in her pom pom box.

We also have a few extra spaces in the house for other items. My workroom/guestoom is also one of our craft and art spaces. We share the shelves with all our favorite art stuff. And most of it is out of reach so I don’t have to worry about her grabbing all of it and having a glitter party without me 😉

And of course— (this is an oldie photo) we have her book area still packed with all her favorite books (though we need to update the list a little bit). We have another cabinet filled with board games, puzzles, and playing cards too. All piled up by size for easy access— which can run on the messy side, but she asks me to help her clean it often 🙂


And that’s it! Her little kid space. Though, I should probably start calling her a big kid— womp. I have another cute kids post (diy) coming up next week– and I’m hoping to post an update about whats been going on lately— I keep meaning to, but energy is still low low. Also, probably a What Marlowe Eats—- and maybe what I’ve been eating too. Hint: it’s not pizza or french fries. Wah.
Okay, love you guys. I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend. Happy friday!


  1. Great post! Marlowe seems like the best little kid 🙂 I love that she asks for you to help her clean up!

  2. Beautifully neat, but pretty and fun as well. I'm a neat freak too, it's hard work with three boys though. They aren't bad, as you say, once they're in the habit of something it's much easier. Wishing you a good weekend too Drea. CJ xx