A few weeks ago— okay, maybe a month and a half ago already, Laura and I had the fun adventure of heading out to a vegetarian (mostly vegan) dinner out west at a local farm— one I am no stranger with. I was a bit bummed to bring Alex since the last time we were there together, Alex was cooking and neither one of us were dining, but it’s still “on season” here so his schedule can be a bit tough. Laura though, my vegan partner in crime was available and we of course had a great time together.

Things are still rough now— so many ups and downs, but I’m grateful for these past adventures. Grateful for her friendship. Hopeful to do more things soon. In the meantime, I’m still here reminding myself that life can and will get normal again. I mean, not that swanky farm dinners are normal, but still, I’d like more of all the good stuff in life again 😉 I hope you guys all have an incredible week. Thanks again for your kind words and emails. Very much appreciated.

And thank you to our friends Able Printing for the dinner invite 🙂


  1. Hey! I have a super important (to me :)) question. Did this farm have restrooms available for use and where were they? I want to open my farm to these kinds of events and am trying to figure that situation out without letting strangers in my home.

    Thank you!
    <3 Jessa

  2. Gorgeous photos and prose, both.

    And your dress is so beautiful! Where is it from??

  3. I love the idea of the farm opening up for dining once in a while, it's always good to have a look round a farm and get a sense of how things work there. I like the rows of lettuces – so that's how they keep the slugs off of them. I'm sorry things are still rough, I hope you improve a lot soon, although no doubt it will take time to recover to full strength. But you will get there, and things will be good again. Wishing you well Drea. CJ xx