this place. with them.

it’s a pretty nice feeling to have the companies I work with sending flowers. feels like I’m doing something right. (thank you). 

she wont stop growing. 
shirt / pants / pom pom flops from pakistan 🙂 

vitamin d. 

from our tree! you go, guava tree. you go. 


a madewell event. need five more of this top. new favorite. 

a girl and her chick.

convinced that it’s either too humid here or I’m doing something wrong. I can’t keep this or any dried sage/herbs lit. sad, because I love it so much.


also from our garden. the tiny ones are so good. haven’t had tomatoes in a long time (stupid restricted diet). mouth is watering. 

kitty fort.


  1. Beautiful photos like always. I hear you with the sage. It's so humid here that everything always gets damp and moldy. I even had one of those amazing Himalayan salt lights… it ended up sitting in a puddle of water and the electrics caught fire one night!

  2. Drea, how'd you get on the madewell train? I trusted your product pushing! Have you found a single item NOT made in china yet? I'll be closing my eyes each time I see that crap brand de-value this freaking awesome blog of yours. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Drea, how'd you get on the Madewell train? I trusted your product pushing! Tell me, have you found a single item not made in china? Anyway, hope you're feeling better. I'll try to turn a blind eye to this one.

  4. Hi, Drea. Sending you positive vibes from London. I hope you feel much better!
    I'm following ohdeardrea for quite a while now, you are motivating and inspiring. Keep up the good work, amazing woman!

  5. Love the hammock photo, and also Jerry having his down time. Wonderful. Very envious of your tomatoes, we're just at the small plant stage here. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. As always I'm loving these 🙂
    Catch up on the sun, fruit and sweet daily life. You deserve it. Worries leave for later.
    And a happy Mother's day, friend xx