Our dogs have surely gotten the sort end of the stick this year. I mean, sort of. They’ve been low on love and attention from our own family— but have been getting love back and forth with our friends and family who have been kind enough to take them in from time to time (thanks lauren, em, and brother). And when they are at home, well, M and I haven’t been there (obviously) to play, so Alex has had to be responsible for the puppy love (which he’s been surprisingly good at).

But luckily our pups, or at least Waylon (since Jerry is still at my brothers), has been a bit extra spoiled since he’s come back home and received his first BarkBox. Seriously though, I didn’t know much about what would be inside, but that dog got spoiled! Each monthly box contains a great selection of full sized products— everything from toys to all natural healthy dog treats.

And since we love our pets, the treats in BarkBox do not contain formaldehyde and are made with minimal processing. They are wheat, soy, corn, gluten, and fill-free whenever possible (like me, haha). And also organic when possible.

You can order your own loved (or maybe slightly neglected) pup a BarkBox of their own starting as low as 18$ a month—  custom tailored to your dogs size. We have a ‘small & cute’ and a ‘just right’ pup 😉 And best of all, if your dog has allergies, you can even email happy@barkbox.com and request an allergy free box! 🙂

So now, our loved, but in slight need of attention pup has a whole lot of love and treats to play with and eat each day. I’m sure Waylon will annoy the crap out of me from time to time when I return home (he’s nuts), but man, he sure is freaking adorable— and the sweetest dog ever– and definitely deserves extra love and treats so I’m grateful for his BarkBox and I’m sure he is too 😉

Want a discount? You can get a free extra month of BarkBox when ordering a subscription for your pup! I.E. Buy a three month plan, get the 4th month free. Just use discount code OHDEARDREA and use THIS link to access your discount 🙂 

Hooray dog love! 

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  1. Dear Waylon, he's such a cutie, he looks very happy despite missing you. CJ xx