I’ll be honest, I don’t have much to say here—- I really just wanted to put together this post 1. because it was next in the timeline of our india events, but also, mostly because it’s wonderful eye candy. How gorgeous are these Haveli structures? You can see more beautiful bright buildings through the rest of my India trip— but here you can see all the tiny, beautiful, hand painted details.

THIS^ because THIS. (hair brushing love.) 

life inspiration for sure. 

hi ladies!

Ms. Above The Clouds and myself, playing it natural and cool in a sunset filled beautiful archway.

we’re really cool, guys.

so cool that others want to join us…

and voila! The most gorgeous details in such a stunning place. I loved learning about the giant and small doors in India. The small doors are for everyday use and the big doors? Well, they are/were in case you needed to get an elephant or other extremely large object in your home! Amazing, right? You think Alex will let me create a home like this? With a door for an elephant? New summer goal 😉 


  1. I am dying over some of these pictures… we're in these incredible old crumbly buildings in a wildly foreign country and we're just like sitting around, chatting, looking at our phones, like it's all totally normal everyday life stuff. This post made me homesick… is that weird?

  2. Drea, do you think that you got sick while in India? It seemed so close to one another!
    These are amazing photos, though. I cannot wait to visit someday.

  3. Wow, eye candy indeed! OH how I love Indian architecture/visual culture! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Never hurts to have an elephant-sized door about the place. I really loved these photos, I always like to take pictures of beautiful buildings wherever I go, they never fail to inspire. CJ xx