I wanted a picture of the scarf. she wanted to join. not opposed. 

fort hangs, feet stretches. 

cutest lady.

she had a good summer spending time with her cousins very often. I am very grateful.

his vacation face.

my doctor visit hospital buddy. I couldn’t ask for a better little partner. 

they can’t get any cooler. 

tiny dancer. 
currently she’s working on a dance routine that her and all her friends will do on her birthday…. her friends don’t know it yet. 

all the pretty tiny things. 

off on walks a tiny (itty bitty) adventures. we found a tiny bunny. 

and these random pretty pavers. 

sometimes real life looks sexy like this. #imsohotrightnow #whyarewetwins

and off to florida we go! 
two pictures of recently enjoyed things in one week… I know. But I figured, hey, lets take care of some pretty snippets of Massachusetts life and move on to Florida— instead of dragging it out for five billion years like my India photos (that I’m IN LOVE with). you know? I hope you guys all had a great week. I’m super happy to say I’ve had a super productive one. <3


  1. Glad you're feeling on the up & up!
    Where are your shoes from? I'm drooling over them!

  2. I know your posts only show a snippet, but glad you are moving (even if slowly) in the right direction with your health! Good luck in the Florida rain–I heard it's been flooding ha.

  3. What pretty shoes! Can you recommend a pretty pair of walking shoes please? The ones from you What to Pack for India post are no longer available on Asos.

  4. Glad you've had a productive week, I could do with one or two of those here. I've just noticed the cover of your cookbook, it's FAB, love it. So very you. Well done indeed, and I love the title, it really caught my eye. CJ xx