I mentioned this friday, but we’re trying to do more spur of the moment trips. I unfortunately also mentioned that the sick germs have been a constant flow. For me, it’s been months of waking up with random fevers, but it feels like we’re in a family cycle of germs now that my immune system is so down– but still, we’re going. We’re taking every chance we can to just do more things. Alex and I had a chance recently to drop M off at school and take a day and evening to ourselves– so we decided to do our favorite thing and visit farms. We headed south to The Redlands and Miami, like we have a million times before (but not in a long, long time) and visit the garden shops and Florida farm and produce stands. I felt good, really good. I kept saying, “I feel like a human today! A real human!”– it felt so good. We decided to head back east to Miami, to the town I fell in love with Alex with and spend a few more hours around until heading back home. We saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, met their adorable baby, and even stopped in a restaurant on our way home. It was so nice to have a good, normal and healthy feeling day. Not just good for my body, but great for my mind. These photos, for no particular reason, may be some of my favorite tidbits I’ve shared in a while…

and the rain came, like it always does. 

making friends with /being allergic to all the animals. 

a dragon fruit farm! 

Since this day I’ve had good days and bad. But I can happily say, that even with the fevers and sore throat, my mind feels like it’s mostly coming back and it feels so good. <3


  1. Sorry you've been under the weather, I hope you recover from the germs son. I love the plants, rows and rows of them, fantastic, I'd be in heaven. CJ xx