I’m not sure if it’s ridiculous or amazing that I now have a whole assortment of random blog posts about fruit. Maybe we can go with ridiculously amazing? I’ve had a folder on my desk top, collecting images of all our fruit love lately– just sitting collecting and waiting. Looking through the folder now for the first time, well, I’m pretty impressed. I’m not even sharing half the images I’ve saved! Yes, we love fruit— well, really, we love all veg, fruit, roots, and fungi that come from the earth, but this is just my collected fruit photos 😉 But apparently you guys like fruit too— because it turns out these image above….? Well, it was my most liked photo on instagram this year! A damn pomelo! A damn impressive GIANT pomelo! So hopefully you guys will like this whole random post too 😉 If you’re ever bored you can check out my #ohdearfruitlove tag on instagram too 😉

Florida avocados— because Florida believes guacamole should be shared with a village.

Mangoes (duh)– can’t wait for mango season!
And mamoncillos— otherwise known as spanish lime. If you’ve never had them– they’re a workout for your mouth! And they get pretty stuck in your teeth— but regardless, they’re mm mm good! One of neighbors has a giant tree in his front yard– I must become better friends with them.

our second dragon fruit from our garden!

Foraged sea grapes. they taste sort of boring, but they make up for it cause anything foraged is pretty fun.

Not a fruit. but, “hey babe, do you want to take a photo of this? Look how cool it is!” -alex

Our tiny guava and starfruit farmer! This was last week— our veg in our garden beds are starting to grow too. It’s been a super weird season for us. Nontypical rain and relentless heat.

Persimmon! True story: I never actually tried these until this past month because Hailey brought me some from California. I never bothered to buy them at the store because I didn’t think we actually grew them here (is that weird? I’m a snob). Turns out we do grow them and I do like them– A LOT!
++ passion fruit ++ logans and goodies.

These are a few of our favorite things…. well, except marlowe, her favorite fruits are rambutans, lychees, logans— so apparently all drupes?

Foraged monstera deliciosa!

Which is def. as weird as it seems. You have to let it completely peel on it’s own otherwise it’s like eating fiberglass. And once it does peel— it tastes like— well, how I would think unicorn poop tastes like. Sort of magical. Sort of a mix between bubblegum, pineapple, and a tiny touch of bananas. Speaking of bananas— every time I say, “tropical fruit is my favorite.” Marlowe quickly corrects me and says, “but you hate bananas and bananas are a tropical fruit.” She’s right.

Guava mornings.

We planted a row of papaya trees and we finally got some fruit starting to grow on them! I can’t wait! Now that I eat papaya everyday, this feels like my birthday!

Chocolate pudding fruit (otherwise known as black sapote). When these green babies ripen then become the color and consistency of chocolate pudding inside!

Soursop! not going to lie— I don’t like these, but they’re cool looking.

Andddddd speaking of fruit and food and love! I harvested a bunch of of starfruit to sell at my favorite produce stand! And my local, plant-based organic cookbook is there too— around all the other local, organic, plant-based goodies Celis offers 😉 I’m an author and a farmer! haha! If you’re in or around west palm, check em out. I love love these guys —–> CELIS!

Okay, thats it for now! Hopefully this random post brought to you by the incredibleness of mother earth brought some color to your day 😉 Happy wednesday, friends!


  1. Hey Drea! Was wondering – where do you get all your gorgeous re-usable napkins? You have the best collection, and I want to start mine. Local shops or online? Thanks – xx

  2. I must say — I don't get it and I never have! I LOVE every vegetable but fruits just seem like a waste of calories to me for the most part, and I'd never eat them for fun! Bananas are the only fruit I really eat regularly and I KNOW YOU HATE BANANAS! Which is hilarious because now you are probably rethinking our friendship. I mean, I love papayas when I go to Hawaii, and I love some strawberries in the springtime, but other than that … meh?

    I do love fruits that masquerade as veggies though, like tomatoes & avocados.

  3. That avacado!! Your post has seriously inspired me to branch out more and try some more "exotic" fruits. It's not always easy to find some of these in Minnesota, but you can bet the next time I see them, I'm going to try them.

  4. Wow, that's a really amazing selection of fruit, including a couple I'm not familiar with. Definitely never ate anything that tasted of unicorn poop, it sounds delicious though. The size of that avocado is astonishing. And well done for having enough star fruit to sell. Nice to see your raised beds all planted up and starting to grow. CJ xx