this fence! with this tree! in front of this cute house! 

my mom was in town sort of recently. we want her back.

you’re welcome. 

the serious artist. 

I’m just SO sexy.

all the forts. every day.

probably the only kid who said this….

morning scenes. 

and up close, cause #hearteyes

b-fast. loving having guavas coming from our yard. CANNOT wait for our papaya trees to fruit.

so… it’s been extra rainy and dark here lately. we have light sensor string lights up so that every night hey go on when the sun leaves and the turn on when the sun comes out— some days they dont turn off till almost noon because it’s SO dark!

I’ve come to the hard realization that I’m only good at bowling when I’m drunk. which is sad because I don’t think i’ll ever been drunk ever again– except for maybe next august— at my friends wedding— since she’s marrying a winemaker— in a castle. I might get drunk then. otherwise? Not so much. double digit bowling scores 🙁



  1. Lovely pictures, and a nice sense of the darker season and your life right now. Forts are magical places aren't they. I think there will be one or two built here once school finishes on Friday. Marlowe's thankful leaf is adorable. My littlest boy likes to keep his room tidy too. Just as well, as it's really small. CJ xx

  2. I've been a quiet follower for more years than I can recall. But I just had to say – I'm so happy to see you feeling healthier and stronger and overall better. This internet thing is strange because I've never even spoken with you but I thought of you often while you were sick and sent positive, healthy vibes from New York City. Thank you for sharing pieces of your colorful, beautiful life and family! (and your daughter is just the sweetest.) xo, grace