Guys! I did it! The day is here! The Plantiful Table is out in stores, available online, in like, peoples houses! How crazy is that!?! It still doesn’t feel real. How can it? I wanted this for so long, I worked so hard, and the day is here! I officially have a published cookbook that is sitting in peoples homes right now! It’s one of the most awesome and nerve-wracking things ever :)I just want to say thank you again for all you support along the way. Thank you for pushing (inspiring) me to make a book, supporting me through the process, and sharing the excitement while we waited patiently for it to be available! 🙂 

Want a copy?! You can totally have one! Here are a few places to order one now:


Thank you thank you guys. I really hope you love it! Oh!! and ps. please be sure to tag me— on Facebook, instagram, twitter, wherever! Whether the book is sitting on your #shelfie or you created a recipe from the book, I want to see! Please use the tag #theplantifultable so I can see (and squeal at) your photos! 🙂 Thank you thank you again!



  1. I just tried the butternut squash and kale soup, amazing! Thanks for writing such a thoughtful and delicious cookbook!

  2. Drea, you've outdone yourself! From the rainbow pages to your tips and tricks… I am obsessed with this cookbook. Easily my favorite of all time 🙂 This weekend, I'm starting with the green soup and carrot bites. Can't wait to get through all the recipes 😉 Thanks for being such an inspiration and a beautiful soul. I look forward to raising my own vegan kiddo and hope to do it half as well as you do! <3

  3. I'm so happy for you congrats! Life has been crazy for us lately, but I still pop over here when I can.

  4. I got mine this week and it is great! Big congrats and hoping a very happy and healthy 2016 for you!

  5. I got mine yesterday! It's amazingly beautiful, and I can't wait to start cooking from it!

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!! I will be hunting in Book stores for it (I like to pick up books locally) Cant wait to find it! 🙂

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaay! I'm planning on making the chickpea patties this weekend. But gosh, everything looks so good and what I love the most is how "you" it is. It's approachable and colorful and fun. Just like the blog!

  8. Yay I just confirmed payment from my preorder! Cant wait for it to arrive here in time for Melbourne's summer!

  9. Drea, that's absolutely brilliant, I'm sitting here smiling, I'm so very pleased, WELL DONE YOU! CJ xx

  10. In the UK you can get a copy from The Wordery, mines on a Christmas wish list! Very excited to receive it. Well done you! It's such a great achievement.

  11. How exciting! I look forward to buying a copy. I've always loved making the recipes you've posted on your blog :). All the best with it!

  12. i got mine today! it is so beautiful! we were having leftovers for dinner, but i made the chocolate chip cookie for dessert and they were great! already picked out several things to make this week. That green soup might be first, or I might have to do a taco nice and do the baked plantains and beans and rice! can't wait to try the updated versions of the bean and biscuit stew, and your mac and cheese. those are recipes we use all the time in this house already!