We’ve had some non-stop rain over here– which hasn’t been too bad really. Randomly, our wifi stopped working two nights ago. Which was only slightly concerning because my inbox is currently (and always) over-flowing. And plus also, if I’m being completely real here, because I haven’t given myself enough time to lay around and put some pointless garbage on the internet to watch. I mean, I restarted watching 90210 about a month ago and I’m only on episode three or four. That is not acceptable.

Alex has been fighting another bug all month. Marlowe and I have made it out alive (completely avoided it), but this week we are feeling it start to creep on us. I don’t think I’ll actually get sick— which mean I feel like I’m back in the same life cycle of Alex getting sick, while I spend my time fighting it off. Which is good and bad. I mean, it’s awful because I don’t want any one to be sick, especially in my family. But I guess it’s good because it means that my body is now, finally strong enough to to fight off the germs that are inevitable in my life. We kept Marlowe home from school yesterday– just in case. She’s fine really, just the pesky cough creeping back in, but I didn’t want to take any chances sending her to school with all the extra germs going around. And hey, it’s pre-school  anyway— it’s totally okay in my book right now. It’ll be different when she’s in school-school, but for now, I dont feel bad keeping her home every once in a while as a preventative.

Anway, so Marlowe and I were home all day without internet– and towards the end of the dark, rainy day, we both agreed, the house seems extra quiet. Which is odd because we had the windows open for the first time this season— letting the sound of the birds, and the planes, and occasional loud trucks come in. Our house is ALWAYS quiet— we’re not loud people, but for whatever reason, our house seems extra quiet lately. Maybe it’s was because for the first time, in a long long time, we opted to play card games instead of watch something or make face-time calls after dinner. It made me think I want to break out of my routine a bit. Not that our routine is bad, I actually really enjoy it. But I just want to see what slight adjustments can be made to— well, I don’t know to do what— but to do something.

Ideally, I’d find a way to be an early bird. It’s never been in my system though– not ever. If by some chance I am able to put myself to bed at 10, I wake up at 4 am thinking, well now what? I think I’ll spend the rest of my life thinking “it would be so nice to go to bed and rise early”– without it ever actually happening. Is that pessimistic? Or realistic? I don’t know. I do know that the thoughts of small changes have been a prominent part of this year. Not just with me, but with everything. Maybe with you guys too? With Alex too— we want to break away, to do things differently. Get out of that stale feeling that lingers when you do the same things each day (wake work sleep). We have no reason to be stuck like glue– not anymore since I’m regaining my health anyway. This season will be a busy one, it already had been. Friends, family, short two days trips— I’m excited for it. Something to help stir up that “what now?” feeling.

I had no intention of putting this post up today– it just happened. I had another post planned, but without wifi, nothing got published. I just came here to say “hi” today– and then got distracted (so common) and typed and typed and typed. Which reminds me, I’ve been feeling that feeling with my blog lately too. And with instagram. And social media in general. So much of the same thing. If I’m being completely honest, I’m losing track of what accounts are what– so much of the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all freaking beautiful, but nothing seems new anymore. But we (each) have and can (and should!) create a different thing. I feel like I lived that before, but this year, well, you know this year. Sometimes I don’t know how to show it, or show myself anymore really. I’m making an effort to show my face more— and show my guts and mind-grapes again in this place. And not just about bad and hard stuff (like many of my personal posts have been this year), but on all the random nonsense that takes place. I’m not sure if that will be to my benefit or my detriment, but it feels right. Something I miss doing.

Speaking of this blog– I have to say, sometimes I really love the internet. I mean, I always like it, and writing openly has always been a huge part of my life (for 16+ years now!), but sometimes it’s silly things that remind me how much I love the internet again— like a post about lady things. I came on here to share some of my thoughts and knowledge and learned so much from you guys! So many suggestions and options I had never heard of! I’m totally going to order some lady time underwear this week! 😉 So thank you guys! For being here. For sharing your knowledge, your thoughts, and even your lady time suggestions! If I owe you an email, it’s coming! My internet is back and I’mr ready to type type type! 🙂

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful week! I’ll be back tomorrow with a cozy post and super simple (too simple really) cocoa recipe. Happy tuesday, friends! 


  1. "Heh heh" was my first reaction reading this post, because I live in a small town in northern Greece and electricity and wi-fi problems are almost a rule every time it rains around here..pfff!!!
    anyway, I'd also like to say this fence is perfect and I always appreciate (can't wait) a nice cocoa recipe!!

  2. Is that your pineapple fence? One of my neighbors in Boca had a fence like that and I LOVE it. If I ever become a homeowner in Florida, I'm totally getting a white pineapple picket fence 😉

  3. Drea, yours is a blog I never miss reading, it's unique and real and I never feel as though you're writing something just because you feel you should or it's the right thing to do. I love that your words seem to come as if you were chatting. So, in all of the places that don't seem real, I keep coming here to read something that does feel real. Thank you. CJ xx