Life is pretty good lately. Still on an upswing. I actually went to a psychic this week with two friends. Same one I went to 4ish years ago. She said I would be traveling A LOT— just like the dude (palm reader) in India said. She also said my health is on an upswing and I would see HUGE improvements this year. I absolutely take this kind of thing for an entertainment factor— it’s interesting and fun. But when she started listing my symptoms (moving joint pains, off beat sleep patterns, etc etc) and told me that whatever I had mimics lyme, well, of course my ears perked up. She also said I would need to hire someone and I shouldn’t put Marlowe into commercials, though we will be asked. Who knows with these things, I really don’t— but like I said, entertainment/grain of salt.It’s been a super busy month over here, comparably. This may have been a “slow month” in the past– but with my new– well, everything, this is a busy month. I’m just trying to keep balanced while enjoying all the good stuff.

We haven’t been too locked up over here— in and out of the house. Spending a good amount of time inside and outside. Moving a few things around, buying more plants (like always), decorating, cleaning, eating, you know, all the things. I’m trying to keep up with my diet and eats as best as I can— but with the business and Marlowe off at school, it’s been nice for Alex and I to get out. And this month with friends having come to town (and my mom as well), it’s been nice to get out and enjoy the ease of restaurants and whatever else.

We don’t make the bed as often anymore. And I want to say I think it’s cool, but really, it makes me sad haha. I look at it and think “I should make you” but then I don’t. But I should, I really should. We tend to climb back in bed just a bit more when it’s unmade. Which has it’s perks– more naps, relaxation! Bt also has it’s downsides— less productivity, more distraction and clutter in our space. Anyway, it’s a bed. I’m going to work on making it.

Oatmeal mornings. Marlowe goes off to school and we enjoy breakfast on the couch— with my ten pounds of hair and my green stuff.

She rarely watches anything anymore. We used to have a bit of “tv” time after dinner where she would watch one show, but now it’s so rare. It feels like a luxury when we do it— especially when it’s during the day.  Someone asked me recently why we don’t have a tv– and I guess the reason is the same as always– and the same as the bed– it’s just too easy to lose productivity– we like that we can watch something if we want, but it has to be a super conscious choice with each thing we watch.

Lots of nourishing foods. My stomach has definitely been pushing a bit harder to keep up with all the meals out I’ve had— trying to find the balance between chocolate pie and health. (my diet)

Months later, still trying to figure out what to put on this table. Plants are just not option. Someone suggested crystals. Not a bad idea– not sure if I want to invest in loads of crystals. I wish I could dig for them in my yard.

Lots of creative time. She loves to play. She would spend all day playing in her room if she could. This kid has been extra awesome lately. Happy, healthy, and still the sweetest thing ever. We built her a rocket ship too.

And sleepovers! With my friend Lauren coming to town, we figured we’d have big girly sleepover. Overdose of flower bedding and pink haired Kristine included. It’s been a bit weird to be getting out more, seeing people more, hanging out more. Not bad at all of course, just weird!  I’ve definitely become more introverted than ever before since getting sick. Less shy, but more introverted. I’m working on finding the comfort in people again. It feels weird to even say that, but I guess I’ve become increasingly more used to quiet time– so stick me with more than three people (even friends, not just strangers) and I have to work to open up the space to relax again. It’s all fine, just different.

Working on that creative part of me too! I weaved a scarf– did I ever mention that? And now a little tie-dye project. Just trying to keep the creative side of me alive and well! Gotta nourish all the things! Which I think I am! Mostly. I think the only part I’m lacking in/struggling with is movement. I know my body needs more active exercise than I’m giving it. In my perfect image, I see myself waking up every morning and starting the day with walking, yoga, or something, anything, but I’m just not emotionally there yet. Physically, I think I could handle it. (Just need to keep up with sleep!) Emotionally, I need to give myself an extra push.

Quiet happy moments in our home. With the exception of the last few days, even Alex has seemed to perk up a bit around here. Maybe it’s like the bed thing, we’re just letting go of the little things. But I have to say, one thing that’s been super surprising around here is his (and her) hate for the cold. I thought I hated the cold, but no, I was wrong, so wrong, if I compare my feelings to their, I dont mind the cold, they HATE the cold. Marlowe asks everyday when winter will be over. It’s going to be a long month with these two cold haters.

My brother bought her a little camera. She’s taking pictures of all the things.

Open windows! THIS is very good for my health! I love when we can finally open the windows.

Glad he likes plants just as much, if not more than me. The plant on the right is actually one we pulled from our friend Claudia’s yard before she moved. It’s happy here.


She however like to tel us how we should buy less plants. We love her anyway.
So that’s about it. It’s been good around here. Clean, but not as clean as usual. Colder than usual outside, but warmer inside. Coziness. Friends. Food. And cuddle. All the good things.
I hope you guys all had an amazing weekend! My friend Erica is in town. She got in saturday and we’ve had a great time partying super hard (aka drinking tea, smelling oils, and just hanging out). You might remember her from the period post she did not too long ago. And hey, I just got mine (with the moon, always the goddamn moon) and it hasn’t been so bad this time! At all! I’m happy that after years of struggling I’m finally getting this body in check 🙂
Happy monday, friends!


  1. I get my crystals from a local bead shop and they aren't too expensive- maybe $2-$3 apiece for the ones I "am drawn to" ;). Also my husband put some in my stocking. It sounds a little out there but their energies have been noticeable in my house, and (equally important) they look pretty.

  2. Beautiful post, lovely pictures as always and I'm so happy you and your family are doing well and are starting the year on such a positive note!

  3. Glad you're feeling quite a bit better now Drea. Gorgeous plants, I'm such a huge fan of houseplants, and I keep hearing how good they are for the air in the home. Have a good week. CJ xx

  4. I saw your swing chair and it reminded me to tell you I got a recall notice on my swing chair. I don't know if you did. I got it because I purchased it online from Pier 1. You might want to check on it if you didn't get a notice. It's due to a tipping risk and risk of falling.

  5. Next time you visit home you should make a little extra trip to the herkimer diamond mines in NY, or the Garnet mines. You can dig for your crystals there, kids love it! My parents have taken my little brother a few times a year for years! Also its good to see that things are turning around for you. 2016 is your year man.

  6. Me too. Mooon time and full moon = bad combo for me! Hey I have an online yoga studio especially for Mums if you are interested. Some of my more restorative ones might be perfect for you at the minute. X